how to choose the right garage door hinge

Finding the perfect garage door hinge can be a little challenging, but installing or changing a hinge is a simple project for everyone, regardless of experience level. However, till the door malfunctions, you generally do not give these hinges in your garage door much attention. As a result, the type of hinge you select for the doors in your home or building can significantly impact the door’s performance. Read on to learn the types of garage door hinges and how to choose the appropriate hinge for the job.

Different Types of Garage Door Hinges

Ball-Bearing Hinges

Although no hinge is resistant to the effects of time, some are just built to last longer than others. One of the most durable options is a ball bearing hinge, which is made for heavier or wider doors. In regions with heavy traffic, a ball bearing is positioned between two or more knuckles to cushion and lessen friction. Each knuckle of heavy-duty ball-bearing hinges typically has a bearing. Ball-bearing hinges best serve commercial applications.

Butt Hinges

The butt hinge is the most typical door hinge and is undoubtedly present in every home. One leaf of this sort of hinge is attached to the movable component (the door), and the other leaf is attached to the stationary element (the door jamb). Entry and hallway doors frequently have butt hinges. There are many types of butt hinges available. For heavier doors, ball-bearing butt hinges are the best option. By removing the hinge pin, lift-joint butt hinges make it simple to separate the door from the frame.

Invisible Hinges

By being disguised completely when the door is closed, invisible or concealed hinges offer doors a clean, contemporary appearance. Large mortises must be cut from the door and jamb for these hinges. A lot of unseen hinges may be adjusted quickly, which makes installation and fine-tuning simple.

Spring Hinges

These hinges are different from butt hinges in that their leaf plates have metal springs attached, causing the hinge to close on its own. To ensure smooth operation as you want, spring hinges, also known as spring-loaded hinges, can vary their tension in a few different ways.

Strap Hinges

Contrary to conventional butt hinges, strap hinges have leaf plates that are completely visible when the door is closed. A strap hinge has two leaves, one linked to the face of the door (on the pivot side) and the other to the front of the casing. Doors to sheds and garages frequently use strap hinges.

Hinges in Residential and Commercial Garage Door Installation

Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE offers garage door hinges for residential and heavier-duty commercial garage doors. Commercially utilized hinges are thicker 11 gauge steel, ranging from 1 to 9. Meanwhile, residential hinges 1 through 5 are made of thinner 14 gauge steel. The hinges on commercial doors are usually larger and require more hinges. The numbers 1 through 9 indicate which panel each hinge is mounted on. Residential doors have fewer hinges numbered 1 through 5 to correspond to their installation locations.

Most homeowners who want to use the garage door as a storage room prefer spring hinges. A strong, reliable spring hinge can survive the year-round high traffic and regular use that a garage door may experience. In addition, a spring hinge will offer you the extra support you need to open and close it smoothly, and it is also effortless to install.

Size of the Garage Door 

When buying garage door hinges, the first thing to consider is the door size. You need to ensure that your hinges will securely fit onto your door. Begin by looking at the size of garage doors you have currently. If you do not know, look online or at your local hardware store. Better yet, ask for help from a trusted garage door company like Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Choosing the perfect garage door hinges for the project is simpler now that you know the variations among its popularly used types. To meet all needs, Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE has a wide selection of garage door hinges applicable for residential and commercial use. Being one of the reliable garage door service providers in Lincoln, NE, we are up to date on the wide variety of garage door materials, parts, and accessories

We only use the best and leading brands available in the market. And we reassure our clients that we have the knowledge to handle all garage door installation and garage door repair, including garage door spring replacement, to match your needs and preferences. So call us immediately to find the ideal garage door parts or if you want to inquire about our products and services. Our friendly garage door specialists are standing by to provide you with free estimates.