As technology progresses, homeowners have more opportunities to use smart technology in their homes. Having a smart garage door opener is an excellent example of this. Garage door openers are now much more than just door openers. They now come with better features, including improved security and systems that allow users to manage them via smartphone apps, making life a lot easier and safer for families. Are you considering making the switch to a smart garage door opener? Whether you are just starting to research garage door openers or are ready to have one installed, you should keep the following factors in mind.

Lift system

Chain drive

Chain-driven has been around for quite some time and is the most basic type of opener drive. The chain used is reminiscent of a bicycle chain. A chain-drive opener requires very little maintenance and is ideal if you have a standard garage door.

Belt drive

A belt drive opener reduces the noise level your door creates because it is fitted using a replaceable multi-ply reinforced rubber belt. The belt replaces the noisy chains in chain drive openers, making them ideal if your garage is next to a living space.

Screw drive

A screw drive garage door opener drives the trolley that moves the opener using a threaded rod. A screw drive system’s advantages include its power, speed, and low noise levels compared to other systems.

Direct drive

This opener has only one moving part in the traveling motor carriage: a stationary chain in a robust steel rail. As a result, it is a very quiet garage door opener, making it suitable for homes with small children or pets.


A jackshaft garage door opener is installed adjacent to the garage door track on the garage wall. This type of garage door opener is small and efficient, making it an excellent alternative for garages with limited space. Instead of employing a trolley system, it turns the torsion spring directly.

Lift power

Maximum lift power

Maximum lift power is the equivalent of 1 ¼ HP. It can easily support a single heavy door or withstand extreme weather conditions.

High lift power

High lift power is designed for heavy-duty use, equivalent to ¾ HP. It is typically used in standard garage doors, which can stand up to frequent use and help avoid wear and tear.

Medium lift power

The power supply here is the equivalent of half a horsepower. This feature makes it perfect for standard aluminum doors that are built for durability.


Motor warranty

It is best to choose an opener with a lifetime motor warranty. In most cases, a 10-year warranty is sufficient, as garage door openers typically last around 15 years.

Lift system warranty

While some manufacturers provide lifetime guarantees on select components, most typically offer one to three years of coverage. Before making a purchase, it is critical to understand the differences between these two warranties.

Parts warranty

The parts warranty will cover the remotes, wall switches, keypads, and other garage door opener components. Depending on the component, warranties can last for one to five years, often matching the lift system’s warranty.


Some garage doors have control panels on the inside, while others have keypads that allow you to control the door from the outside using a code. While this is not a required feature, it can be advantageous when conducting household and yard duties.

Garage door opener installation near me

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