The garage door is a complex mechanical device. So it is important to maintain it properly to prevent or lessen the need for constant repairs. Sadly, garage door rollers are among the most common parts of a garage door to become damaged and need repair. However, you can do several simple things to maintain these rollers, making them last longer and operate more smoothly. Read on to learn easy ways to keep your garage door rollers in great shape.

Why Maintaining Your Garage Door Rollers Important

Your garage door can last for years with regular maintenance. Regardless, garage doors that are slowly deteriorating are annoying, noisy, and difficult to open or close. The rollers are one of the key areas to keep an eye on. Thanks to garage door rollers, your door may glide smoothly up and down the tracks. However, your garage door is in for a hard and noisy ride if they are of poor quality or you neglect its routine maintenance. 

Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door Rollers

Keep Your Rollers Lubricated

The garage door is a large moving part of a home, so it is important to lubricate it regularly to ensure peak performance. A lube job once a year should be enough for most people, but those who use their garage doors daily may need to do it more often.

You can find special garage door lubricants at most hardware stores. Just make sure not to use a product that is too thick or greasy, as this can cause additional problems, be hard to remove, and make a mess. If you are unsure which lubricant to use, ask your trusted local garage door service company for recommendations.

How Do You Lubricate Garage Door Rollers?

Different types of rollers require different lubrication methods. Take a look at this detailed guide on the best way to lubricate your rollers, depending on the materials they are made of:

For plastic rollers, apply lubricant to the outside of the roller and where the shaft meets the roller.

To lubricate steel rollers, add grease to the ball bearings at the innermost spot of the roller where it meets the shaft.

For nylon rollers with exposed ball bearings, lubricate in the same way you would for steel rollers. 

Remember to lubricate nylon rollers without ball bearings in the same manner as plastic rollers. 

No need to lubricate nylon rollers with sealed ball bearings, as this kind of roller does not require any maintenance.

Lightly lubricate the rollers, quickly wiping away any excess. Use the spray can’s straw at all times. It would help if you greased your garage door rollers about twice a year. But if they start creating noises while the door is being used, such as squeaking or grinding, it is an indicating sign to grease them.

Keep Your Rollers Clean

If you notice that your rollers are getting dirty, remove the dirt right away to prevent clogging. A non-corrosive cleaning agent and a cloth should work for this. 

Clean the entire track, which may gather dirt or hair, and all exposed wheel and roller mechanism surfaces. Keep your garage door roller system clean to prolong the life of your garage door since dirt will cause the bearings to break out. At the same time, too much oil and dirt will leave the metal with an unpleasant sticky surface.

Ensure the Tightness of Your Rollers

Regularly used equipment is prone to becoming loose with time. Check to see if any screws, bolts, and nuts holding the garage door together are rusting while you are at it. The longer you wait to fix a corroded screw, the more likely it is to strip when you attempt to tighten or loosen it. So the best action is to replace the culprit as soon as possible. Doing this will guarantee that your door always opens and closes with ease.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

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