Your garage door is not just a crucial component of your house. It also changes how your house looks and helps keep your things safe. However, regular garage door maintenance is crucial to ensure they work well and last for years, just like any other mechanical system. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common garage door problems that call for a service call. Plus, we will show you how to fix them to keep your door in good shape.

Garage Door Maintenance: Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Loud or Strange Noises

One of the most common issues people have about their garage doors is that they make loud, annoying noises when they open and close. These noises can include grinding, popping, and banging.

Solution: Most of the time, friction between moving parts causes these noises. Always lubricate the moving parts to keep the garage door running quietly. Apply some on rollers, hinges, springs, and tracks with a silicone-based lubricant. Also, check the door for loose nuts and bolts and tighten them if you find any. If the problem continues, hire a professional to do a more thorough check.

A man performing a garage door maintenance

Stuck or Slow Door

Do you find your garage door stuck or slow to open or close? If you have this kind of issue, misaligned tracks or dirt buildup might be the reasons.

Solution: To start, look for dirt, dust, or other debris on the tracks and clean them well if you find any. Make sure the tracks are in the right place and change them if necessary. If the problem persists, worn-out rollers or springs might be the culprits. To fix this issue immediately, replace them to improve your garage door performance.

Garage Door Out of Balance

Sad to say, garage doors often become unbalanced. Other times, you may find them not closing properly on one side.

Solution: Disconnect the door opener and lift the door halfway by hand to test the balance of your garage door. You may need to adjust or replace the springs if it does not stay in place. Garage door springs are dangerous because they are under high tension. You must call a pro to book a garage door maintenance service to avoid mishaps.

Broken Weather Stripping

Over time, the weather stripping around your garage door may become damaged or worn. It can cause drafts, water leaks, and unwanted bugs to get in.

Solution: Replace the weatherstripping to keep the door from leaking. Weather seals are usually cheap and easy to install. Doing so will protect your garage from the elements and help you save money on heating costs.

Remote or Keypad Issues

If the remote or keypad of your garage door opener is not responding, it can be inconvenient and a security risk.

A garage door keypad

Solution: Check the remote’s batteries first. If they are dead, replace them. In case it does not work, reprogram the remote control and keypad. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the problem continues, there may be a problem with the opener. That is the time to call a professional for help.

Broken Garage Door Spring or Cables

If your garage door is not opening or only partially, it could be because of worn cables or a broken garage door spring.

Solution: Call a skilled garage door maintenance technician immediately if you find your springs or cables broken. DIY repairs can be unsafe, as springs and cables are subject to high strain levels. Meanwhile, a pro will check the door, find the broken parts, and replace them with quality parts. They will also balance the door and do a safety check to ensure it works safely. 

Worn-out Garage Door Rollers

The door may function noisily or unevenly because of worn rollers.

Solution: Replace worn-out rollers with new ones to ensure things run smoothly and quietly. Upgrade to nylon rollers for quieter, smoother operation and less upkeep than steel or plastic rollers.


It is important to take care of common problems right away. With regular upkeep, the garage door will work well and safely. Hence, if you follow our tips, they will last longer, and you will not have to pay for pricey repairs. Keep in mind, though, to talk to an expert about other serious issues or safety concerns for the best results.

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