During the coldest months of the year, winter storms and extreme weather can wreak havoc on your garage doors. Wind, rain, freezing temperatures, and snow can impact your garage door’s ability to function normally. Does this sound like a scary thought? It should not be. You can do several things yourself to help secure the garage door against extreme weather conditions. Let us consider some of it in this feature.

How to Secure Garage Doors Against Extreme Weather

Reinforce Your Garage Doors

Extreme high winds can send your garage door flying open. Therefore, brace your garage door with a heavy object; something like a trash can or large furniture will work well. The more weight and stability your door has, the better chance your house will have of remaining intact.

Alternatively, you can purchase steel braces and protect your garage door. Retrofit kits come in single-car and two-car garage sizes with steel braces to prevent the door from tearing off its hinges. In addition, they come with extra rivets and multiple braces. These distribute force across the door, ensuring no weak point will topple your entryway.

Garage doors secured with safety pins

Lock Your Garage Doors Using Steel Pins

Winds could be powerful enough to pull the door off the frame completely. Most garage doors use steel pin locking systems primarily to secure the door at night, but they can also protect it from flying open during a storm. For greater security and durability, you can purchase new steel pins or heavy duty side locks to replace the existing ones.

Board Window Inserts With Plywood

Many garage doors have windows to let natural light in, but they are potential weak points during a storm. As glass could make the floor unsafe, it is better to keep them secure during a storm by covering the window with a sheet of plywood.

Replace the Doors Weather Seals

Weather stripping is a great way to protect your garage and the items inside from the elements. By replacing the weather seals on your garage door, you can keep rain, snow, and other outdoor elements from getting inside. Take these proactive measures to help prevent water damage to your garage before the storm:

Check Other Features of Your Garage Doors

A storm can cause serious damage to your garage door, so it is important to check it before a big storm. Start by testing its ability to open and close. Then, clean off the sensors and remove any object that can prevent the garage door from shutting. That will help ensure that your garage door is working properly and that your belongings are protected from the storm. When you see something that seems wrong, you should call one of our skilled technicians, who can identify the issue and fix your garage door.

A functioning safety sensor

Upgrade to a More Durable Garage Door

Garage doors can be extremely sturdy and dependable in good weather conditions. But not all garage doors are designed to withstand the immense pressure of strong winds. While a standard garage door can be made from timber or steel, a reinforced one is made with steel or other impact-resistant material for greater durability. So if your area often experiences extreme weather conditions, consider the benefits of installing a hurricane-rated garage door.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we understand that a quality garage door service is essential to keeping your home safe and secure. That is why we offer a full range of services, including garage door replacement and garage door repair. We also offer hurricane-rated garage door services, so you can be confident that your property is protected during any storm. And with our same day garage door services, you can get the repair you need as soon as possible. So contact us today to schedule a visit and see how we can serve you!