Your garage door is more than simply an entry point for your car. It is also important to your home’s security and weather protection. Garage doors for your home can wear out over time, especially in harsh weather. That is where garage door reinforcement struts come in. They are a vital way to make your garage door last longer and work better. This blog will discuss why your single or double garage door needs these braces. It is especially true if you live in an area that requires hurricane- or wind-code-rated garage doors.

The Basics of Garage Doors

Before we dig deeper into how important support struts are, it is vital to know how garage doors work in general. There are mainly two types: sectional garage doors and single-panel garage doors. No matter what kind you have, they all work with springs and tracks that make them easy to open and close. But, over time, these systems can wear out, which could cause problems.

A garage door being installed with reinforcement struts

Reinforcement Struts: What Are They?

Garage door reinforcement struts are metal bars attached horizontally to the inside of your garage door panels. They are important because they reinforce and improve your garage door. Here is why they are essential:

Signs Your Garage Door Needs Reinforcement Struts

Now that we have gone over the perks, how do you know if your garage door needs reinforcement struts? Here are some signs to look for:

  1. Sagging or bending: If your garage door panels start to sag or bend, it clearly shows that the door is under stress and needs support.
  2. Strange noises: If the garage door makes a lot of creaking or grinding sounds each time you open or close it, that could be a sign of structural problems. However, struts can fix these issues.
  3. Opening or closing problems: Did you notice that your garage door suddenly becomes harder to open or close? It could be an indication of underlying structural issues. That can cause the door to become misaligned, making it difficult to operate. One possible solution is to install struts on the door. 

How Reinforcement Struts Can Help in Bad Weather

Reinforcement struts are key to ensuring your garage door can withstand the elements, giving you both safety and peace of mind. Let us look at how these struts face and endure bad weather.

Make Your Garage Door Stronger

Reinforcement struts give your garage door panels more support. This extra strength makes sure that the door can stand up to the force of strong winds and heavy rain. During storms, especially in places where hurricanes are common, the wind can put a lot of force on your garage door. With reinforcement struts in place, they spread this pressure equally across the door to keep it from warping, bending, or falling under the weight.

Protect Against High Winds

Garage doors without reinforcement can be especially fragile in places with high winds, such as hurricane-prone areas or strong seasonal storms. Reinforcement struts keep the door from being pushed in or pulled out by strong winds. That keeps the door safe. By making the door more stable, flying objects cannot blow it off tracks or damage it.

Provide Extra Safety

When the weather is bad, security is even more important. A garage door with struts is not only better able to stand up to the weather, but it is also harder to break into. This extra protection will protect your property during storms and other dangerous weather.

A garage door with reinforcement struts

Types of Reinforcement Struts

When it comes to garage door braces or reinforcement struts, you have a few choices, including different materials and styles. A single strut system and a double strut system are two popular types. Choosing between them usually depends on the size and weight of your garage door.

Single Strut System: Single struts are great for most homes with standard-sized garage doors. They give enough support to keep things from sagging and increase their longevity.

Double Strut System: Double struts are good for bigger, heavier garage doors, such as double garage doors. They provide more support and strength for your garage door panels. That makes them perfect for doors that get used a lot.

Remember: Talking to a garage door expert is the only way to figure out which strut system is right for your door.

Installation and Upkeep of Reinforcement Struts

If you have the right skills, you can install reinforcement struts yourself, but hiring a professional is usually best, especially if you do not have the skills and the know-how. A pro will ensure the installation is proper, making the struts work better.

Hence, taking care of your strengthened garage door should not be too hard. Check the door often for signs of wear and lubricate the moving parts to keep it running smoothly. By doing routine checks, you can make the most of your investment in reinforcement struts and make it last longer.

Cost Considerations

The cost of struts depends on things like the type of struts, the size of your garage door, and where you live. Thus, you must compare this to garage door repair or replacement costs. In the long run, reinforcement struts can save you money on costly fixes and make your home safer while saving you money.

Garage Door Service Near Me

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