As homeowners in Lincoln, keeping your home safe is a top priority. Yet, have you ever thought about the security of your garage door? Many people overlook this important part of their home, even though it is one of the most common entry points for burglars. In this piece, we will explore simple yet effective ways to boost your garage door security. From basic tips to advanced solutions, we will help you ensure your garage is as secure as the rest of your home. Let us get started and make your home in Lincoln safer for you and your family.

Understanding Common Garage Door Weaknesses

Did you know garages are one of the most common entry points for burglars? According to Lincoln police, a lot of burglaries happen in the garage, either to get into the house or to steal your belongings. Let us take a closer look at the risks and why improving your garage door security is crucial.

Weak or Outdated Garage Door Materials

Over time, the materials used in your old garage door become brittle and readily broken or forced open. So, if your garage door is over two decades old, it might not be providing the protection you need.

Lack of Modern Locking Mechanisms

Some garage doors do not have sturdy locks. Without modern garage door locks, it is easier for intruders to get in. Thus, upgrading your locks is a simple step that can make a big difference in your garage door security.

Easy Access Point

A lot of garages have windows or man doors that are not as secure as the front door. These openings can be easy routes for thieves to get in. Do not just check the main door of your house. Instead, always lock the door to your house that is inside your garage.

A burglar trying to break in through the garage door window

Basic Garage Door Security Measures You Can Do

When it comes to garage door security, starting with simple actions can make a big difference. Here are a few basic steps a homeowner like you can take to improve the security of your garage door: 

Regular Garage Door Maintenance

When you take care of your garage door, it stays in good shape and is less likely to be broken into. What you can do is look for any signs of damage, like rust, loose screws, or broken garage door parts. You should use a garage door lubricant to keep all the parts moving with ease. Also, make sure your garage door is in perfect balance. To do this, disconnect the opener and lift the garage door halfway. If it stays in place, then you are good; however, if it moves, you need to adjust it.

Add Extra Locking Mechanisms

A high-quality garage door lock can make a big difference in preventing unauthorized access. You might want to add a manual lock to your garage door. These locks can be as simple as a bolt that slides into place when the garage door is closed. For extra security, add a deadbolt or a padlock. These are often useful if your garage has a man door.

Install a Garage Door Light

Good lighting can deter possible burglars. Install motion-sensor lights around your garage, which automatically turn on when they detect movement, scaring off potential intruders. Note that well-lit areas make it less appealing for someone to break in.

Daily Habits to Enhance Your Garage Door Security

Here are some simple habits you can do every day to increase your garage door security:

Always Lock Your Garage Door

It is easy to forget, but always locking your garage door, even when you are home, is necessary. Most break-ins that happened in Lincoln were because of the garage door that was left unlocked.

Avoid Leaving Remotes in the Car

At the same time, garage door remotes are like keys to your home. Do not leave them in your car, especially if you park it outside. Instead, keep the remote with you or use a keychain remote.

Change Security Codes and Passwords Regularly

If you have a smart garage door opener, make sure to change the access code or password as often as needed. This habit prevents unauthorized access if someone has learned your code.

Stay Informed About New Security Technologies

Technology is always advancing through time. So, keep yourself updated on the latest in garage door security. New products and systems can offer better protection and peace of mind.

Make Your Garage Door Burglar-Proof

One of the best ways to deter thieves from your garage is to strengthen it. Here are some simple but effective tips: 

Reinforcing Garage Doors

Remember, a strong garage door is a secure garage door. Consider upgrading to a garage door made of steel or solid wood. These materials are much harder to break through compared to older, flimsy doors. You can also buy reinforcement kits that add extra strength to your garage door. These kits include steel bars you can install on the inside of the door, making it much tougher for anyone to force their way in.

Different garage door locks to enhance garage door security

Securing Window Panels

Just like the windows in your home, garage door windows should have locks. Adding extra locks prevents them from being easily opened from the outside. Also, a layer of shatterproof film on your windows makes it much harder for anyone to break the glass. Remember, if a burglar can not see inside your garage, they are less likely to try breaking in. Use frosted or tinted glass to obscure the view into your garage, keeping your belongings out of sight.

Advanced Security Features to Protect Your Garage Door

Lincoln homeowners should take advantage of modern technology to keep their garages safe. Here are some advanced security solutions that can make a big difference:

Smart Garage Door Openers

Do you want to control your garage door with your smartphone? Have you thought about getting a smart garage door opener? With this technology, you can manage your garage door and receive alerts from anywhere when someone opens the door.

Security Cameras

Security cameras around your garage can scare off burglars and record any suspicious activity. Place them in a spot where people can easily see them to deter intruders. Choose cameras with motion detection and night vision for 24/7 security.

Alarm Systems

Connecting your garage to your home alarm system adds extra protection. If someone tries to break in, your alarm will go off, scaring them away. You can also install alarms made just for garage doors for even more security.

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