Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE had a call from a Lincoln, NE, resident requesting garage door cable replacement. They called us for emergency repair because their garage door fell off its tracks and almost came crashing down. Upon closer inspection of the existing cables, it was obvious they came out of their drums. They were rusted and weak, and severely frayed. There was no way they could have withstood another winter season. So we recommended replacing them all as soon as possible to ensure the garage door’s safety. The new, stronger cables did not disappoint! The homeowner loved that we fixed the issue right in time and that our technicians handled everything well.

A faulty garage door cable can be a disaster and can happen when you least expect it. Dealing with it can be frustrating, especially when the garage door will not open. A lot of people have their way of fixing broken cables, but we recommend always calling in a garage door repair professional.  

How Do Garage Door Cables Work?

Spring and cable systems provide the counterbalance force necessary to lift garage doors. Safety cables are attached at the bottom of each side of the garage door. Once engaged, they work with spring systems to lift or lower the weight of a garage door as needed.

Why Do Garage Door Cables Break?

The following reasons are the top reasons why garage door cables break.

Age or Normal Wear and Tear

Wear and tear are normal for garage door cables. They can break due to their material composition or just because they are old. However, snaps and breaks are not the only things these cables are susceptible to — they also experience wear and tear. Over time, the cables may become frail and eventually snap. When your garage door breaks, you want it fixed as soon as possible before you risk being robbed. If it does, call our garage door repair experts for fast service.

Your Garage Door Is Crooked

The weight is not evenly distributed when your garage door is not balanced. That can cause the cables to slack on one side of the door. When this happens, the cable can jump across the tracks in the drums, which can cause problems. A crooked garage door often happens when people close it on top of an obstruction.

A Broken Garage Door Spring

Two torsion springs are always the best option when available. When one snaps, the second spring can help keep tension on the cables until repairs are made. Without a second spring, the door will not have any backup support and run the risk of cables slipping out of place.

Effect of Rust on Garage Door Cables

Over time, garage door cables can break down due to rust. That happens when the metal of the cable begins to corrode and weaken. Rust can cause serious damage to a cable, so it is important to catch it early. You may need to examine the cables on your garage door from time to time. 

How Do You Prevent Your Garage Door Cable From Breaking?

A garage door cable breaking is less likely to happen if you perform preventative maintenance. You can avoid it by simply doing the following:

Keeping your cable in good shape will help lower the chances of running into this common problem. That is why you, as a homeowner, should always check your cables and ensure they are in good condition. Also, performing the necessary upkeep will extend the life of your door and guarantee your safety. 

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Do you know what to do when your garage door cable snaps? Now that you understand why garage door cables break, it is important to take proper care of them and replace any damaged or broken ones. At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we will help you get through this risky garage door repair. We can also replace these parts with brand new ones — ensuring that you can use your garage door safely and comfortably while saving on extra future costs. Call us today to learn more.

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Garage door services need expert hands and fast response – our team is ready on these fronts. We offer all garage door needs, from garage door installation, garage door spring repair, garage door opener repair, and custom garage door design.

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We know that the garage door is an essential part of your home and business, and we’re here to take care of maintenance. If you need any repairs or routine service done give us a call. Our trained technicians have extensive experience with all garage door types and brands. We are licensed and insured, and we can guarantee your satisfaction with our consistent garage door service.

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Garage Door Installation

Lincoln, Nebraska homeowners should get the best when it comes to installing residential garage doors, commercial garage doors, and gate systems. And we are here to do exactly that. We offer reliable and affordable garage door services in the entire Nebraska area. We have experienced technicians and source only the best brands and accessories. We install quality garage doors that stand up to the daily grind.

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Residential Garage Door Repair

Come to us if you need any professional garage door repair. We are dedicated to getting homeowners the best quality repairs in the most efficient way. Our products, labor, and customer service will attend to your specific garage door repair concerns. Having your garage door repaired by our team ensures that you get industry standards met and your convenience maximized.

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Commercial Garage Door Repair

We also offer commercial garage door repair services for business owners in Lincoln, Nebraska. With our customizable options from the top garage door brands in the market, you can have the sturdiest and most reliable garage door for your commercial property. We’ll make sure your doors have weather protection, offloading ease, and smooth motion per cycle. If your business needs a new commercial-grade garage door, call us today!

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Garage door repair issues, whether big or small, need a fast solution to avoid major damage. When your garage door malfunctions, freezes, or slams down, we have on-call garage door repair technicians to come to help you. Our mobile service is equipped with crucial spare parts and tools to deal with any emergency garage door repair here in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE has a team of garage door service techs ready to answer your call. We have the proper training and certifications to diagnose and repair overhead garage door repair problems. Through education and experience, our crew is confident in servicing most makes and models of garage doors that are on the market now. You will have the highest standard of garage door service with us – without the overly steep rates. Our goal is to provide garage door repair solutions that are the most suitable for your property and your immediate need!


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We know that the garage door is a major security and aesthetic component of your home. A malfunctioning or worn-out garage door can spell disaster and cause unwanted breaches or damage from the elements. Keeping the garage doors in perfect condition is a must for a warm, safe home. That’s why we are here to provide the best and most efficient garage door service in Lincoln, Nebraska, to make sure you get the right help in times of emergency. Even if you have experience in DIY projects, it’s still the best option to go with our professional garage door service for any issues with your doors.

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Let us at Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE assist you in garage door repair concerns. We are a local garage door company that’s been servicing the area for years now, and we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of work for residential garage door and commercial garage door projects. Our team can handle installation, tune-ups, and major garage door repairs. We’ve got the right set of skills and equipment to make garage door repair accessible, affordable, and efficient for you.

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