Imagine you have a garage door that can protect your home during a big storm, like a hurricane. When choosing this kind of door, you need to think about some important things to make sure it works well and keeps your family and belongings safe. Garage doors are a safe and reliable option for your outdoor shed, car garage, business building, or storage facility. Yet, the risks are higher if you live in an area where hurricanes and strong windstorms are common. It is when a garage door that can withstand a storm can save you. So you must ensure that the hurricane-rated garage door you choose can handle a lot of force. Also, a professional should always put up your garage door if you want it to work well for its purpose. This blog will talk about the most important things to consider when choosing a hurricane-proof garage door.

What Is a Hurricane-Rated Garage Door?

A strong garage door helps keep your house safe and on the ground. Hurricane-rated garage doors are the most crucial storm preparation if you live where tropical storms and hurricanes often happen. These garage doors are built to survive the high winds of hurricanes and storms. Vertical reinforcement posts, bolts, wind lock guides, and other heavy-duty parts make these doors wind-resistant. 

Hurricane-resistant doors offer various benefits. Some hurricane-proof garage doors, for example, can survive winds up to 200 miles per hour. With such high wind resistance, these doors safeguard your home from the destructive force of hurricanes.

A wood composite hurricane-rated garage door

What to Look For in a Hurricane-Rated Garage Door

Choosing a hurricane-rated garage door is important to make sure your property is safe and secure during a hurricane. You can tell if a garage door is hurricane-proof by these important factors:

Look for the Wind Load Rating

The garage door wind load ratings are one of the most important details of hurricane-rated garage doors. This rating shows how much pressure a garage door can take from strong winds during a storm. Look for a label or sticker on the door or packaging that says “PSF” next to the wind load rating. Most hurricane-rated doors have wind load ratings that meet local building codes and regulations for places prone to hurricanes.

Check Out the Impact Rating

A hurricane-rated garage door must have an impact rating in addition to the wind load resistance. This rating shows how well the door can withstand flying debris, often during storms. Look for a label or approval that says the door can take a hit.

A hurricane-rated garage door with reinforcement brackets

Check the Product’s Specifications

Hurricane garage doors are built and made to meet strict requirements to survive high winds and impacts from hurricanes. Read the manufacturer’s product description before purchasing a garage door with a hurricane rating. 

Look for the Hurricane-Rated Garage Door Certification Labels

Hurricane-resistant garage doors have certification labels from reputable manufacturers. As shown by these labels, reputable testing bodies test and approve the door’s ability to withstand wind loads and impacts. Look for marks from the local building code or other testing labs that are known to be reliable.

Ask For Help From Experts

If you are not sure about the door’s rating or need help finding a hurricane-rated garage door, talk to professionals in the area. Local garage door dealers or installation experts can give useful advice and suggestions based on your location and needs.


Safety should be your top priority, so you must find the best hurricane garage doors available. In the end, how well the door can handle strong winds, how it can handle things hitting it, and if it follows the rules of your city depends on your choice. Also, the materials used to make the door, how it is designed, and how it is installed are important too. If you live in an area where hurricanes are common, it is even more crucial to think about these things. Having the right wind code rated garage doors can make a big difference in protecting your home from storms. So, consider all these factors wisely to keep your family and house safe during nasty weather.

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