If you want to make your home look better from the street, do not overlook the potential of your garage door. From our past blogs, you already know the benefits of choosing the right type of garage door and color. Yet, many often ignore what might seem a small and trivial detail: a garage door decorative hardware. But did you know that it can be the perfect finishing touch to make the outside of your home look better? From classic to modern, decorative hardware comes in various styles and options for your garage door. This detail can turn an ordinary garage space into a focal point that adds to your home’s overall charm and beauty. Read on and look at the different styles and choices for garage door decorative hardware. 

What is Garage Door Decorative Hardware?

Decorative hardware refers to the extra pieces added to a garage door, mainly to accentuate the overall look. These may refer to styled handles, knockers, brackets, and other pieces that were not just for looks—they actually served a purpose. With this hardware, your door can get a stylish update and might even have functional benefits. 

Kinds of Decorative Hardware for Your Garage Doors

Find the perfect option to give your garage that special flair below:


Garage doors often have decorative handles on the sides, making them look like classic carriage house doors. They come in many styles, such as classic, country, and modern, and can be metal or plastic.

A two-car door with garage door decorative hardware


Also called decorative nails or studs, clavos are often used to give garage doors an old-fashioned, country look. You may see these nail-like accents on the door’s surface to make them look like hand-forged hardware and add visual interest.

Decorative Straps

Decorative straps are an attractive way to dress up your entryway. They give carriage house garage doors a stylish and rugged look. These horizontal accents create a unique look that mimics the functionality of large, sturdy straps.


You can add artistic knockers to garage doors to make them look classic. They are based on classical door knockers. These metal hardware often look like lion’s heads, rings, or other complicated shapes.


The fleur-de-lis is a famous decorative pattern on many kinds of hardware, including garage door decorative hardware. This elegant and complicated symbol gives the door a bit of class and sophistication.


Escutcheons are used to decorate the area around a garage door’s lock or handle. They are also called decorative plates or rosettes. They come in different shapes and designs, adding a decorative touch to the door’s overall look.

Permanent vs. Temporary Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Type of Installation

You can either have fixed hardware drilled or screwed into the garage door, making it a fixed installation. Fixed hardware is better if you want a long-term decorative answer that stays in place no matter the weather. On the other hand, if you want a temporary solution that is easy to remove or change, magnetic hardware allows you to switch types or remove decorative pieces whenever you want.

A two-car door with garage door decorative hardware


Fixed hardware is more durable than magnetic hardware. If the setup is right, it is less likely to be affected by wind, weather, or accidental bumps. Most fixed hardware made of materials like metal can withstand the weather. Even though magnetic hardware is useful and flexible, it may only last for a while, especially in harsh weather. Note that different manufacturers make magnets with different strengths. So it is important to choose magnetic hardware with powerful magnets to make sure it stays in place.

Personalized Decorative Hardware

One of the best things about fixed or magnetic decorative garage door hardware is that it lets you create and personalize the look of your door. You can mix and match different hardware pieces, picking handles, hinges, and straps that show off your style. Customization lets you give your garage door a unique look that adds a personal touch to the outside of your house.

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