Garage Door Installation Bennington, NE

Garage Door Installation Bennington, NE

Project Description

This Bennington, NE, resident decided to replace their outdated garage door due to the numerous repairs it needed. The door was old anyway, so they thought replacing it was more practical. They found Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE on a local listing and contacted us to request quotes for garage door installation. After conducting an inspection and meeting with the client to discuss their needs, options, and our proposal, they decided to proceed with us for the garage door installation. Returning two weeks later, we installed their new insulated steel garage door. It improved the garage's curb appeal, with the added benefit of energy efficiency. 

You may wonder when it might be better to repair your garage door and when it might be better to replace it instead. It is crucial to choose right, as the wrong option could lead to more problems down the road. Let us break down the factors you must consider when assessing whether your garage door needs to be fixed or replaced.

Reasons for Repairing a Garage Door

Your garage door only has minor damage.

It is usually best to repair if the damage to your garage door is purely cosmetic. Something as small as chipped or fading paint can be fixed with a new coat, and a large crack can be filled in.

Your garage door only has minor component issues.

Most garage door issues have relatively easy solutions. For example, broken springs and cables can be replaced, and opener issues can often be resolved. So, before you invest in a replacement door, it is worth considering getting your current one repaired.

Your garage door is still relatively new.

We do not recommend replacing your garage door unless its components are no longer functional. If your garage door is likely still relatively new, especially if it is less than five years old, its components still have some service life left in them. Therefore, replacing the door now would be a waste.

Reasons for Replacing a Garage Door

Your garage door sustained structural damage.

Replacing a moderately to severely damaged door with a new one is often the best option. That is especially true when the damage compromises the door's structural integrity.

The repair cost is almost the same as a replacement.

If you find that repairing your old garage door is more expensive than buying a new one, it is best to just get a new one.

Your garage door requires constant repair.

When your door experiences repeated problems, it will only continue to break down and cause more issues. Therefore, from a financial and safety perspective, replacing a garage door that requires constant fixing makes sense.

Your garage door has lost its aesthetic appeal.

As time goes on, your door will sustain more dents and imperfections. In addition, weather and contact with the door can cause it to wear down. Replacing a door is a great way to enhance your home's curb appeal.

Repair or Replace?

Many things go into deciding whether to repair or replace a garage door. Some of these include the door's age, the damage's severity, and the cost of replacement parts. Discussing garage door problems with a professional can help you decide if repairing or replacing your garage door is the right choice.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

There are many reasons to consider getting a new garage door. When you are ready, Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE is the go-to company for garage door replacement in Omaha, NE, and the surrounding communities. Our team can install doors from all the major brands, like Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and Raynor. Call us today and request an estimate for your repair or replacement.

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