Garage Door Installation Lincoln, NE

Garage Door Installation Lincoln, NE

Project Description

A homeowner in Lincoln, Nebraska, was renovating their home and planned to replace their old garage door with a more modern and energy-efficient one. When we went to give them an on-site quote, they told us they preferred a low-maintenance garage door. We suggested Modern Steel™ garage doors from Clopay, a perfect complement to contemporary and mid-century modern home styles. They chose the grooved panel design in white color with long windows to let in natural light. The window grilles are also removable for easy cleaning. In addition, they opted for the 3-layer construction with vinyl back polystyrene insulation. That is a great choice because it has great thermal efficiency, protection from outside noise, and resistance to dents and corrosion. After all the client's modifications, we immediately placed the order with our door manufacturer. After two weeks, the panels arrived, and we wasted no time and installed the garage doors right away. We connected it to their new smart opener, and within a day's work, we finished the project. The client was delighted with the results because the garage door installation greatly improved their home's curb appeal. 

More than just a garage entrance, your garage door also serves other purposes. It boosts the value of your property while also providing amazing utility and curb appeal. However, it is possible only if you maintain your garage door like the rest of the parts in your beautiful home. There are several methods to determine whether your garage door is depreciating the market value of your home. One indication is if it affects the architecture, various construction aspects, and its appearance.

How Long Does a Garage Door Usually Last?

A garage door's lifespan is normally many decades if properly maintained, and its components are examined regularly. Therefore, we recommend you visually examine at least once every six months.

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your Garage Doors

Materials: Garage doors made of less expensive materials may wear out more quickly than those built of sturdier but pricey ones. Additionally, consider how well certain materials perform in your environment before purchasing. Our experts at Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE can tell you more about how weather affects your garage door and what you can do about it.

Regular Inspection: A yearly maintenance check with your local garage door business can help uncover problems. Do not wait before they become severe enough to warrant a complete door replacement.

Proper Maintenance: Proper care should be performed regularly to ensure the door's moving components are well-lubricated. You must also clean your door with a mild detergent to keep it clean and clear.

Amount of Use: A door's usage determines the wear and tear its components will experience. Most people that use their garage doors daily will find that they will have to replace their garage door sooner than later. Meanwhile, others who hardly use it will find that they can keep their garage door in working order for longer.

Signs That It is Time For Garage Door Replacement

Normal Wear and Tear on Its Moving Components

After exposure to the weather for a long time, a garage door's exterior may get stained and warped. In addition, moisture and temperature changes might eventually cause a door's springs and opener to stop working. In this instance, replacing the garage door might be more practical than making repairs.

The Door Does Not Open or Shut Properly

It is not worthwhile to fix a garage door if it is becoming increasingly difficult to open and close it in a single smooth motion. Yet, repairing your garage door is a waste of time unless it is relatively new. So, if your old garage door is struggling to open and close, upgrade to a new, better one that matches your needs and budget.

Your Safety Is a Matter of Concern

Another valid upgrade justification is outdated garage door technology (openers, remotes). In addition, corroded springs, malfunctioning garage door sensors, and any other potential safety concerns must all be considered. After all, protecting the well-being of those you love is non-negotiable.

A Large Spike in Energy Price Increase

In recent years, there has been a rising cost of energy. An easy way to reduce this impact is to ensure your garage door is up-to-date and adequately insulated. A more efficient and well-insulated garage door can help seal out the cold or heat and cut back on how much power is used in the long run. If you are considering insulation, ask an expert for proven and tested weatherproofing products for your garage door.

Garage Door Service Near Me

There are numerous aspects to consider when deciding whether or not to replace an aging garage door and related parts. However, security should be the top priority. At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, your safety and your loved ones are paramount.

Do you need garage door repair and installation in the Lincoln, NE, area? Look no further than Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE. Our team provides top-notch service and guarantees complete satisfaction for both residential and commercial properties. To learn more about our services and avail a free estimate, call (402) 576-5771 today.


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