Garage Door Installation Nebraska City

Garage Door Installation Nebraska City

Project Description

A Nebraska City, NE, homeowner had trouble with their old two-car garage door system. It would often get stuck and make loud creaking noises. They were tired and spent so much on repairs that seemed endless. So they decided to replace the garage door this time. They called Titan Garage Doors in Lincoln NE, for the job. When our team got there, we began the prep work for the garage door installation project. We measured the garage opening and headroom clearances to make sure the new door would fit perfectly. We then suggested a vinyl garage door because the client wanted a strong, lasting door that was easy to maintain. These vinyl doors are built to last—no denting, scratching, or rusting.

Two weeks later, we were ready to install the new garage door at the client's home. With extra care and accuracy, we replaced the old panels with the new custom door. We replaced and adjusted the spring and connected the opener with the rest of the garage door parts. Finally, we tested the new garage door system several times to check its smooth operation. The client was thrilled with how much better their garage looked and the peace of mind that came with the new installation.

A new garage door is a big buy that can be hard to justify when you need to fix so many other things around the house. So whether you admit it or not, the garage door is part of our daily lives. It protects the home, stores your cars and belongings, and keeps us safe. Getting a new garage door gives you more benefits than you thought. For instance, millions of homes are out on the market, aiming to get people's attention. A new garage door may be the best way to make your house stand out. A garage door replacement will make your home look better from the outside, work better, and help you in your daily life.  

Why Should You Replace Your Old Garage Door?

There are several good reasons to replace your old garage door system. Here are some key points to think about:

Curb appeal 

The garage door is often one of the most noticeable parts of the exterior of a house. An old, worn-out door can make a big difference in how your house looks from the street. Plus, a new garage door will increase its value if you want to sell your home. Replace the old one with a new, stylish garage door to make it look better in no time.


The parts of an old garage door system can wear out over time, which could pose a safety risk. Modern garage doors have safety features like photoelectric sensors and auto-reverse systems. These features can sense when something is in the way and quickly reverse the door's movement. As a result, it makes accidents and injuries less likely.

Improved functionality 

As garage doors age, they can develop problems like sticking, jamming, or unsafe operation. However, new doors are made with great care, using modern technology and systems to make them easy to use. With a new garage door system, your door will work better and more reliably. 

Less maintenance

Older garage door systems may need more repairs and upkeep as parts age and wear out. With a new garage door system, you can start over with durable and high-quality materials and mechanisms. In the long run, it can save you time and money with fewer repairs and lower maintenance costs.


With all these benefits, replacing your old garage door system is a smart way to improve your home's safety, security, usability, energy efficiency, and total value. It gives you peace of mind, makes your life easier, and gives your home a new look. All of which can improve your daily life and future property projects. 

Garage Door Installation Near Me

Upgrade your garage door and say goodbye to costly repairs! Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE is the best option for residential and commercial garage door installation services in and around Lincoln, NE. Our team of highly skilled installers has a lot of knowledge and experience regarding overhead garage door installation. We aim to give our customers great service and make them happy with their new garage door system. And the best part? We only use the best products to ensure your new garage door lasts many years and does its job well. So do not delay this home improvement project. Call us now for free estimates.


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