Garage Door Maintenance Beatrice, NE

Garage Door Maintenance Beatrice, NE

Project Description

A client from Beatrice, NE, called us at Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE for garage door service. They reported an unusual screeching noise when they operated their garage door. When asked about the last time they performed a garage door tune-up service, they realized it was more than a year ago. So our skilled technicians went to the client's address and conducted a thorough 20-point inspection. After the visual check, they noted that the garage door had dirt build-up and signs of rust on some parts. We started by clearing, scraping, and sanding all debris and replacing all the rusty hinges, nuts, and bolts immediately after. In addition, we sprayed lubrication and ensured proper alignment of all the moving parts. We concluded the garage door maintenance by guiding the client through a handful of necessary upkeep and basic troubleshooting tips. Because of our fast and friendly service, the client agreed to have a regular inspection scheduled every six months.

We open and close our garage doors frequently throughout the day without giving them much thought. That is until they stop functioning properly. Just like any other mechanism, garage doors occasionally need adjustments and inspections. Regular upkeep, such as a yearly tune-up, helps avoid more expensive repairs in the future. What are the signs that tell if your garage door requires maintenance? 

Signs Your Garage Door Needs Tune-up

Strange Sounds

Any grinding, scraping, or other unusual sound points to an issue. Common causes include loose accessories and track debris.

Unsteady Movement

It needs repair if your door jerks, pauses, or shudders while opening or closing. Open or closing forces, loosened bolts, and poor lubrication are common causes of a door's unsteady movement.

Worn Parts

Rollers, weatherstripping, and other chipped, broken, or worn-out components interfere with the door's smooth operation. 

Bends and Cracks

Environmental issues, abuse, and overuse are common causes of bends and cracks. Get these issues fixed if you notice them right away and prevent safety dangers. 

What Exactly Is a Garage Door Tune-Up?

A quick visual evaluation of your door system's functional components is part of a garage door tune-up. A qualified technician initially evaluates the garage door's exterior. Then, paying special attention to joints or gaps that allow water damage, they search for any spot needing urgent repair. Next, they check for problems like rust stains, cracks, and peeling paint. To stop rust from spreading on the door panels, they must be cleaned, scraped, sanded, and painted.

After finishing the exterior inspection, the technician moves on to the garage door mechanisms. First, they replace cracked or damaged parts and lubricate them to make movement easier. Next, bearings and bolts on roller hinges are inspected and cleaned. Then, the technician uses a level to ensure the garage door tracks are straight and properly aligned. Finally, the garage door specialist adjusts the door following the manufacturer's recommendations if it is found out of balance.

Other safety parameters and the garage door opener's operation are all further inspected in the process.

The best approach to saving money is to identify a potential problem early. At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we advise having a professional tune up your door and opener at least once a year. Regularly doing this can avoid the inconvenience of a broken garage door and hundreds of dollars in future repair costs.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE offers garage door tune-up and repair services for all homes and business owners in the greater Omaha area and surrounding cities. Ask one of our specialists if you think your current garage door or opener needs more than one tune-up each year. To begin, request a free estimate by calling us at (402) 576-5771.

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