Garage Door Maintenance La Vista

Garage Door Maintenance La Vista

Project Description

Recently, Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE finished an extensive garage door maintenance project for a La Vista, NE homeowner. The client called us after noticing wear and tear on their garage door spring. They also knew it was nearing the end of its useful life. To prevent any further issues, they opted for a proactive replacement of the spring.

Scope of Garage Door Maintenance Project

Here is a detailed breakdown of the key steps our team undertook to complete the maintenance task:

Garage Door System Check and Recommendation

Upon inspection, we found other issues besides an exhausted spring. There was an increased noise and slow movement during operation, which the client confirmed. Based on these signs, we suggested a full garage door maintenance service. This task will resolve those issues and make sure the door works at its best.

Garage Door Roller Lubrication

With the client’s approval, we carried out several crucial tasks as part of our maintenance procedure to improve the garage door’s performance and extend its lifespan. We started by lubricating the nylon garage door rollers. Even though they are quieter, this step is crucial to making sure the rollers move along the tracks. It can help reduce friction on the stem and other non-nylon parts of the roller assembly. This way, you can expect smoother operation and extend their useful life.

Replacement of Worn Garage Door Cable

Next, we replaced the worn garage door cable. The garage door cables must have proper tension to raise and lower the door safely. Frayed or broken cables pose a significant risk, as they can cause the door to collapse without warning. With a new set of cables, we ensured the door operated both safely and reliably.

Cleaning of Garage Door Tracks

A crucial part of our maintenance service was cleaning the garage door tracks. Over time, dirt and other things can build up in the tracks, making it harder for the door to move with ease. Not only does cleaning the tracks improve the door’s performance, but it also prevents damage to the rollers and other parts.

Comprehensive Garage Door System Inspection

As part of our routine maintenance, we carefully checked all the other parts of the garage door system. This task includes checking the door’s balance, inspecting the hinges and brackets, and testing the opener’s operation. By giving the door a thorough inspection, we were able to identify and fix any other issues that might have been affecting its performance.

Garage Door Maintenance Results and Homeowner Satisfaction

In no time, we completed the project with the least disruption to the homeowner. They noticed the changes right away. The garage door opened and closed more easily, making a lot less noise. The homeowner loved the better performance and proactive steps taken to address potential problems before they escalated.

Our Commitment to Quality Garage Door Maintenance Services

At Titan Garage Doors in Lincoln, NE, our goal is to deliver the best possible garage door repair services. We make sure that our clients’ garage doors are safe, reliable, and last a long time. This project proves our dedication to providing outstanding maintenance and repair services in La Vista, Nebraska. Our thorough maintenance check and attention to the garage door’s unique needs allowed us to get it back to working perfectly, giving the homeowner peace of mind.

Garage Door Tune-Up Near Me

Is your garage door acting up, getting noisy, or just not as smooth as it used to be? Do not worry—Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE has got you covered! Our team of friendly experts specializes in all aspects of garage door maintenance. We do everything from replacing broken springs and cables to lubricating rollers and cleaning tracks. Plus, we offer top-notch garage door installation and repairs throughout Nebraska. Why let minor issues turn into major headaches? Call us today, and we will have your garage door in top shape in no time. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities; let us get your garage door back to its finest.

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