Garage Door Opener Installation Hastings

Garage Door Opener Installation Hastings

Project Description

A family in Hastings, NE, recently had trouble with their garage door opener. It had been working well for years but started to slow down, making the garage door open much slower than before. This issue was getting in the way of their everyday life, especially for a family member with mobility issues. So, they called Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE for an expert solution.

The homeowner wanted to get rid of the old opener and replace it with a newer, more advanced model. They wanted one that would still work smoothly, even if there was a power outage. Right after the call, we sent out our team for a garage door opener installation.

Replacing the Old Garage Door Opener

Checking the Old Garage Door System

First, our team looked closely at the current garage door system. We needed to see how worn it was. That would help us figure out the best opener for the client’s needs.

Picking the New Opener

After looking at what the family needed, we suggested this LiftMaster belt drive garage door opener. This opener stood out because it has great features. They can control, secure, and even keep an eye on their garage from far away using the myQ® app. That is why we believed it was the best option for them.

Installing the New LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

We put in a smart LiftMaster opener that has a belt chain drive, bright dual LED lighting, and the most sought battery backup. This unique feature meant the family could get into their garage even when the power was out.

Setting Up the Smart App

A big part of this job was connecting the new opener to the myQ® app. This integrated app lets the family control and monitor their garage door from anywhere, at any time.

Wrapping Up the Project

We successfully set up the new LiftMaster garage door opener, and it really changed things for the family. Now, they have a dependable, secure system that they can control remotely. 

The family was glad and excited about their new, modern garage door system. It solved their problems and gave them a reliable solution for the future. Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE showed once again our commitment to giving our clients the best and hassle-free garage door opener installation service.

Why Should Your Garage Door Opener Have a Battery Backup?

Ever wondered what happens if there is a power outage and you need to use your garage door? It is a big deal if you use your garage door a lot and when there is a physically challenged family member. When electricity fails, a regular garage door opener stops working. That can be more than just inconvenient for those with mobility issues. It can be a real barrier. 

However, if your garage door opener has a battery backup system, you will not have any trouble. You can open and close your garage door just like you always do, even without power. This backup is really useful because it means power outages will not mess up your day. So, when you are looking to replace your garage door opener, think about getting one with a battery backup. It is more than just an upgrade. It is an essential feature that supports accessibility and peace of mind. Plus, it keeps things running smoothly when the power goes out.

Garage Door Opener Installation Near Me

Did you get stuck because your garage door could not open during a power outage? Or worried about your home’s safety when the garage door cannot close? You can avoid these problems with an opener with battery backup features. With our top-notch garage door opener installation from Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, you are never stuck outside or inside, no matter the power situation. Do not let a power cut disrupt your day. Choose reliability and peace of mind with our expertly installed garage door openers. Call us today and step into a world of convenience and security!

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