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Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE recently replaced the garage door opener for a homeowner in Omaha, NE. The old opener was chain-driven, very noisy, and had been used for seven years. We recommended replacing it with a Chamberlain MyQ-enabled chain drive opener, which is much quieter and more efficient. The client decided to go with our suggestion, and we started the installation the next day. That same day we completed the garage door opener installation. The client was amazed at how quickly and smoothly the new opener worked. They were also impressed with the motion-activated lighting and the fact that it operates silently. We showed them how to properly maintain it before leaving, and they were very happy with our rates and service.

Despite your best efforts, you will eventually need to replace your garage door opener. It is because its lifespan depends on various factors, such as the type of opener, frequency of use, and maintenance. For example, a professionally-serviced opener will likely last longer than one that is not. However, all garage door openers will need to be replaced. 

Signs Your Garage Door Opener Is Nearing the End of Its Service Life

The garage Door Opener Stops Working

Some things could be causing issues with your garage door opener. So before you replace it, try out these troubleshooting tips:

  • Is your remote not working, or are the batteries just dead? Try replacing the batteries first. Sometimes the remote needs to be reconfigured. 
  • Check whether the equipment is in lock mode. The lock button is usually on the wall-mounted control and may have been activated by mistake. It would help if you checked this out because lock mode would completely lock out the remotes.
  • Do you notice any loose wires? Does anything else look unusual? Do not touch loose wiring yourself, but make notes about your observations for a technician.

Most garage door openers will show wear and tear before they stop working. So, unless you have ignored some obvious signals, the problem is probably inside the opener box itself. A repair specialist can help you determine whether your door opener can be fixed or needs to be replaced.

The Garage Door Opener Makes Unusual or Loud Noises

As your garage door opener ages, it will naturally begin to make more noise. However, there may be times when you notice an unusual or strange sound coming from it. It indicates that it is time to call a professional for repair or replacement. For example, you may notice that your door opener sounds noisy and works less efficiently than before. These are both signs that the opener is past its prime and needs to be replaced.

You Notice Visible Vibrations While the Opener Is in Use

Do you notice it shaking as you watch your garage door opener in use? It could be a sign that the opener is loosening from the ceiling. Ignoring this problem could cause the opener to fall. If this happens, it will damage your garage door, car, or even injure someone.

Another possibility is that the motor is overworked, causing the unit to shake. It could eventually lead to the door dropping and sustaining serious damage.

In either case, it is crucial to get your garage door opener inspected by a professional. Find out what is causing the issue first, then make sure it is properly secured.

Your Garage Door Opener Is Outdated

As your garage door opener ages, it becomes less reliable and expensive to maintain. The latest smart garage door openers have safety and security innovations that older models lack. Plus, they often come with added features like Wi-Fi capabilities and the ability to operate them using your smartphone. So keep your home safe by upgrading to a newer, more secure garage door opener.

Garage Door Service Near Me

At some point, every garage door opener needs to be replaced. Whether your current one is old and not working properly or you want an upgrade, Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE has a selection of the newest garage door openers. Our skilled garage door opener technicians will ensure your new opener works as intended. For free estimates, call us today.

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