Garage Door Opener Repair Papillion

Garage Door Opener Repair Papillion

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A homeowner in Papillion, NE, needing garage door opener repair service called us at Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE. Judging from the noise and their garage door's difficulty opening and closing, the client concluded that the motor was the problem. However, when we examined the opener, we saw that the chain was prone to slack due to the worn-out sprocket. Our recommendation was to replace the gear and sprocket before they even failed. We gave them a quote, which they approved and prompted us to start the replacement. Then, we replaced the sprocket, adjusted the chain, and lubricated all the garage door's moving partsall in under an hour. After the repair, the garage door resumed its smooth operation.

Does your garage door chain keep loosening? It is one of the most common garage door problems, particularly with chain-driven openers. Because of the motor's vibrations and the door's weight, garage door chains get slack over time.

It is important to tighten the chain regularly to keep your garage door opener running smoothly. A loose chain makes noise and causes the opener to work harder, making the system less efficient. Additionally, a loose chain can cause the door to jump off the track.

Here are some tips from the garage door experts at Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE on adjusting your garage door chain yourself, in case you are handy.

How to Tighten the Chain on Your Garage Door

Step 1: Cut the Power and Turn Off the Opener

Before beginning to work, take some safety precautions first. First, ensure the garage door is closed and disconnected from the power supply. Should you not know how to do this, most openers connect to a ceiling outlet. 

Consult your owner's manual on disconnecting the garage door from the opener. Basically, you must pull down on the red manual release rope for a square rail opener. However, for a T-rail opener, you must pull the manual release rope down and then back towards the opener.

Step 2: Find the Adjustment Bolt

The trolley assembly has a bolt on one side. It is a five to seven inches long threaded fastener with two nuts screwed onto it. The locking nut and the adjustment nut are separated by a divider, with the locking nut being closer to the opener. Tightening the adjustment nut increases tension in the garage door chain.

Step 3: Loosen the Locking Nut and Tighten the Adjustment Nut

Start by gradually loosening the locking nut with an adjustable or half-inch wrench. The chain tension will then increase as you tighten the adjusting nut. The chain should be tightened for a square rail and a T-rail until it is about a quarter inch and a half above the rail, respectively, at its midpoint. Avoid over tightening it, as this may hasten the chain rollers' premature wear-out. 

Step 4: Reconnect the Power and Re-engage the Opener

Once you have plugged your opener back in, reattach it by opening your garage door with the wall button. It will cause the trolley to snap back into place automatically. You may notice that the chain sags when you re-engage the opener. That is normal: the chain will regain tension when the door opens.

Step 5: Conduct a Test

After you have adjusted the tension screw, test your garage door a few times. Make sure the chain is not knocking against the rail.

Garage Door Opener Repair Near Me

At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we know that you need a company you can trust when it comes to your garage door. That is why we offer reliable and affordable garage door opener replacement services. We fix faulty door openers quickly and efficiently. Our experienced and certified technicians will always use the best quality parts to ensure your repair is successful. So call us today and schedule an appointment with us!

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