Are you thinking of replacing your garage door opener? It would be best to consider several factors when shopping for a new garage door opener. First, the lifespan of an opener tends to vary depending on the model; some will last for up to a decade or longer. Thus, it is essential to select an opener that both fulfills your needs and is suitable for the kind of garage door you have. Even though newer models may be more expensive, they often come with safety features that older models do not have. We hope this post will help you decide what garage door opener to buy.

Garage Door Openers and Their Main Components

The opener for your garage door comprises two main components: the motor and the drive. 

Motor Types of Garage Openers

The market offers two types of garage door opener motors: DC and AC power. 

AC-Powered Garage Openers

In the past, electric garage door openers relied on bulky and loud Alternating Current (or AC) motors. Fortunately, with technological advances, manufacturers have found ways to create much quieter and lightweight openers while still being highly powerful. 

chain drive garage door opener

DC-Powered Garage Openers

In recent years, DC-powered garage door openers have become the industry standard for several reasons. For starters, they tend to be quieter and lighter. Additionally, they offer more features, such as soft start and stop, which can reduce wear and tear on the door and motor. Many DC motors have a battery backup option, so you can still use your opener even when the power is out.

Types of Garage Door Opener Drive

The drive dictates how your garage door moves along the guide when it opens or closes. This component is a long rail attached above the center of your door, connecting it to the opener. The drive has a screw, chain, or belt that moves the trolley to open and close your door. 

Picking the right garage door opener for your needs can be daunting. However, with some knowledge about the three main types, it does not have to be.

Chain Drive

For many years, chain drive openers have been a popular choice amongst garage door owners. This type of opener uses chains to open and close your door, making it ideal for most models. Such longevity of use speaks to its durability, while its typical affordability makes it easy to purchase.

Belt Drive

Belt drive openers are much quieter than chain drive models. As a result, you will experience less sound and vibration when the opener is operating, making it ideal for garages attached to the house. In addition, steel-reinforced rubber belts are stronger and more durable than their chain or screw counterparts.

Screw Drive

Screw drive openers offer the most power with the fastest operating speeds. These are ideal for large garage doors measuring 14 feet high or one piece up to eight feet high. In addition, the exclusive direct drive system transfers more power from the motor without a gear reduction system.

Consult With Garage Door Experts

Making the right choice for your garage door opener requires consulting a garage door expert. Many aspects, like garage door weight, wireless connectivity, and smart features, must be considered when buying a garage door opener. Call a Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE door specialist if you are confused or overwhelmed by your choice.

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Garage Door Opener Installation Near Me

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