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Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE responded quickly to a homeowner's request for a garage door cable replacement project in Elmwood, NE. He needed to drive his car into the garage; too bad the cable snapped. The owner feared leaving the car in the open, so he thought of fixing the broken cable himself. But then he realized he had no tools and the right replacement part. So he called us for garage door repair services. When we checked the cable, it had already come off its drum. In that condition, using the garage door would mean possible injury. We wasted no time and replaced the cable with the right size and length. We finished the cable work quickly so the client could use their garage again. They were so happy, and it did not cost much. 

When one part of a garage door breaks, the entire operation becomes impaired and unsafe. For instance, when one cable comes loose or breaks, there is added strain on the other cables and hardware. As the parts take up increased pressure, your door may begin to misalign or even warp. A snapped cable should never be ignored. It can further damage your springs and door and threaten your safety and peace of mind. Thus, making operating your door even more difficult than usual. You can look for a few things to tell you it is time to call a garage door cable repair service.

Indications That it Is Time to Replace Your Garage Door Cables

Although garage door cables are typically built to last for a decade, you can use a few key metrics to determine whether you need to replace them.

Fraying or Damage to the Cables

Do you notice that your garage door cables are frayed or broken? That is a sure sign that they need to be replaced. It may seem like an easy fix, but it is essential to do so before they snap or break and cause damage to your home or car.

Cables Coming off Its Drum

Another thing to watch is whether the cables are slipping off the drums. Cables lying on the ground or hanging around the door are a sign of a cable malfunction. Do not try to open or close a garage door with frayed cables. Instead, call an emergency garage door repair service right away.

Squeaking or Grinding Noises From Your Door

The rollers play a pivotal role in the function of a garage door. Squeaking and grinding noises indicate that your rollers may be falling short. Additionally, you might smell a faint burning smell. All of these indicate that the rollers need to be replaced soon. Once they wear down, they can quickly damage even the strongest cables. Inspect your door regularly to check for any issues with your garage door rollers.

Uneven Door Alignment

One potential cause of an unevenly aligned door is faulty cables. This issue can also cause the door to move jerkily instead of smoothly. You may also hear scraping noises from the door while it is in use.

What Tools Do You Need to Replace the Garage Door Cables?

If you decide to change your garage door cables on your own, you will need a few tools and equipment. You only need a vice grip or locking pliers, replacement cables, winding bars, wrenches, sockets, a ratchet, and a step ladder. With these tools, you can install your new garage door cables quickly.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

When it comes to garage door repair, many things can be wrong with it. That is why knowing what you are working with is important before you begin the repair process. Whether your door needs new rollers or the cables have become loose, we can help!

Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE is the premier garage door service provider in Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding cities. Our staff is highly trained, and we work on all brands and models of garage doors. From installation to garage door repair, we exceed your expectations for quality service at a fair price. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services on weekends and holidays too. For any garage door-related issues, call us at (402) 576-5771. 


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