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A client from Papillion, NE, called Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE for a garage door cable replacement. They reported that their door was stuck in a half-closed position. Our team of service technicians sprang into action. Upon inspection, they found one cable snapped and slipped out of its drum. We replaced both the lifting cables to ensure equal lengths. We inspected and made secure that the tracks and rollers were aligned. We also taught the homeowner some essential routine maintenance to keep the optimum performance of their door. The client was so grateful that their garage door was operating smoothly again.

Although made of steel, garage door cables are prone to wear and tear. And when they break, your garage door will likely collapse. Any skilled handyman can replace your garage door's wires, which is relatively easy and quick. However, it is crucial to do it before the cables completely snap. So how do garage door cables function, and what to do when they break?

How do garage door operate?

One of the most overlooked parts of a modern garage door is the garage door cables. They are as traditional as it gets, yet the operating system that lets you unlock your door from any side would not work without them.

Cables for garage doors come in a variety of sizes. The installed springs determine which cable type should be used in a garage door system. Galvanized wire strands are used to make the two primary types of garage door cables, which are as follows:

Lift cables are installed on garage doors with torsion springs to help balance the system. They are attached to the bottom corner of the door and link to the torsion springs above it.

Retaining cables run vertically along each side of garage doors with extension-spring-powered garage doors. These cables stop garage door springs from flying or falling off when they fail.

Common indications of broken or damaged garage door cables include:

  • The door is off-balance and misaligned.
  • The door is squeaking, trembling, or otherwise responding in an odd way.
  • The door fell to the ground violently.
  • The door would not move up or down and is jammed.

How can you stop your garage door cable from breaking?

A garage door cable breaking is unlikely if you perform preventative maintenance. Such a problem can be avoided by:

  • Check the cables for kinks, frays, and buildup of dirt or debris.
  • Maintain the cables and springs on your garage door by lubricating them regularly.
  • Clear out or remove any obstructions that can prevent a cable from operating smoothly.

Is it safe to open a garage door with broken cable?

It is highly recommended that you avoid attempting to operate a garage door with a broken or loose cable. Doing this puts a ton of pressure on the remaining wires, leading to their failure and sending the door tumbling down on whoever or whatever is underneath it.

You should call for a garage door repair service like Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE if the broken cable has left your door jammed open. If this is impossible and you cannot leave your home exposed, you will need to cut the remaining cable to close the door. If you choose to do this, there must be at least 3 to 4 additional adults who can hold the door while you cut the cable and carefully lower it to the ground.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Understanding your garage door cables can help you avoid costly repairs and save time. Call in for experts whenever necessary. Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE works quickly, professionally, and safely to get your garage doors up and running again. We specialize in garage door repair, such as garage door cable replacement. We proudly offer our services to residents and business owners of Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding area. 

To avoid leaving your car parked in the garage, ensure your garage door is operating smoothly. Get in touch with us right away and get your free estimates.

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