Garage Door Spring Replacement Elkhorn

Garage Door Spring Replacement Elkhorn

Project Description

Have you ever experienced your garage door not opening? A homeowner in Elkhorn, NE, recently encountered this issue when they called Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE. No matter how many times they pressed the remote button, the door would not move. After careful inspection by our technicians, it was determined that the torsion springs on the client’s two-car, insulated garage door were undersized. We provided the client with an efficient solution—replacing their springs with ones of the proper size. We worked quickly and professionally to ensure minimal disruption to their day-to-day life. The client was satisfied with the garage door repair, and the new springs ensure their door operates at its best.


Properly sized springs are critical to the safety of your garage door system. If the spring is undersized, it will not be able to support the door’s weight. The force of opening or closing the door will cause the spring to snap, potentially resulting in property damage or even personal injury. On the other hand, if the spring is too strong, it can be difficult to operate and lead to premature wear on the other components of the system. That is why it is important to make sure you get the right size springs for your garage door’s weight.

How to Determine the Right Garage Door Spring Size

Knowing the right size of springs for your garage door is essential to ensure proper functioning. To determine what size you need, start by measuring the length of your existing spring or springs. You may also want to measure the diameter and wire size of the springs. Once you have these measurements, you can use them to find a compatible replacement spring that matches your door specifications. 

It is also useful to take note of the weight of your door, as this will further help you determine the correct type and size of spring for your garage door. However, calling a local garage door repair company near you is best to save you from the trouble.

Can you rely on the color coding of your garage door springs?

Yes. Color coding of garage door springs helps save time, money, and effort when replacing or installing new garage door springs. By looking at the color on the ends of the torsion spring, you can quickly tell what size and strength are needed. For instance, black springs are usually used for extra heavy doors and are rated at a higher range than the other colors. Blue springs, however, are designed for lighter weights and require less force. Blue indicates two-inch-by-two-inch torsion springs, while red means two-inch-by-one-inch torsion springs. If the color is white or hi-yellow, you need one-inch-by-three-eighths torsion springs. Color coding makes it easy to identify and complement the strength of each spring in a system, so you can be sure that they are working in tandem.

Is it safe to replace the garage door springs yourself?

Replacing garage door springs yourself is an option. Yet, it can be quite a difficult and potentially dangerous task. In addition, it requires caution and the proper skill level for the springs involved. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you seek professional assistance if you are not experienced with garage door repair work. Consult an expert who can guide you through the process safely.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Near Me

Are you looking for the right-sized garage door springs? Look no further! At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we have a wide range of high-quality garage door springs that come in various sizes and tensions to fit your exact needs. So whether you are replacing broken springs or upgrading your existing ones, we have you covered.

We carry stock-length springs for single- or double-wide residential garage doors and custom-made springs for oversized residential garage doors. Commercial and industrial garage doors require more specialized parts, so we even offer custom-sized torsion springs and extension springs to meet those needs.

If you need help determining the right spring size for your door, our expert technicians can provide the guidance you need to make an informed decision. So do not wait any longer—call us today and get the right size of garage door springs for your home or business!

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