Garage Door Spring Replacement Greenwood

Garage Door Spring Replacement Greenwood

Project Description

A client in Greenwood, NE, was about to leave for work when she heard a loud noise in her garage. She hurried inside to inspect what had caused such a commotion and found that the torsion springs had broken. That resulted in the violent closing of the garage door. She knew it was not safe. There was no way the door could operate correctly without the garage door springs. So she called Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, for emergency repair. We promptly responded and brought the replacement torsion springs and our complete set of equipment. Then, we replaced the broken standard torsion spring with one that was more robust and had a longer lifespan. Within 30 minutes, we completed the garage door spring replacement job, and everything was back on track. Our technician also informed them how to prevent this situation from happening again. Upon our advice, they booked a maintenance service with us scheduled for the next month. With our quick response, the client expressed gratitude because she could still go to work that day. 

Torsion springs are an important part of your garage door. When they break, they can cause the garage door to close suddenly. If that happens, you cannot use your garage door until the spring has been fixed. So make sure to replace them before they completely stop working. 

Can You Replace the Springs Yourself?

Trying to fix your garage door on your own can be dangerous and is not recommended. It is also best to keep in mind that replacing torsion springs requires knowledge and skill. Therefore, this task entails a call for professional help. The experts will identify the problem at once and show you how to fix it quickly and efficiently. They can also estimate how long the project will take, so you can schedule the repair at a time that suits you best. 

Why Do You Need to Call an Expert for Garage Door Repair?

Springs are an integral part of a garage door. They help to open and close the door with ease. However, once damaged, they can cause the door to malfunction. When you notice any warning indicators that the spring is damaged, it is important to call a professional garage door repair company.

It is critical to work with a professional with the necessary tools and know-how to complete it quickly and effectively. In addition, their work comes with a warranty if something goes wrong. Although replacing your garage door springs on your own may be tempting, leaving them to the professionals is much safer. Yes, the process can be tricky and dangerous. And depending on the spring type that needs replacing, it can also be time-consuming. However, our team of experts understands the system well, so they can get the job done right the first time.

Some Facts You Should Know About Garage Door Springs

The two most common types used in garage doors are extensions and torsion springs. Here is a look at how these two kinds of springs work and how they serve the same purpose.

Torsion Spring

Torsion springs are by far one of the most popular types of garage door springs. These springs utilize torque to function as opposed to extension springs which extend. As a result, torsion springs tend to be sturdy and have a longer lifespan than other types.

As the garage door opens or closes, a twisting force, known as torque, is applied to the coil, causing it to wind up or unwind on the shaft. On the other hand, the size and opening dimensions will determine which torsion spring is right for your garage door. 

Extension Spring

One type of spring often used in garage doors is the tension or extension spring. These are typically located in the upper horizontal tracks on each side of the door. They are commonly used when there is low headroom, which prevents the use of rear torsion springs.

The springs must be extended to create a counterbalance for the garage door to open. The more the door opens, the more force is placed on the extension springs. Because of the amount of force on these heavy-duty garage springs, safety measures must be included in the installation process. In this case, each extension spring is paired with a safety cable.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

No repair work is too big or too small for us to handle. That is why Lincoln, NE residents needing garage door services can rely on the Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE specialists. We serve the Greenwood, NE area, Omaha, NE, and surrounding cities. No matter what issue you are experiencing with your home or business garage door, we can help. We offer excellent garage doors repair services like opener repair, cable replacement, garage door spring installation, and much more. Call us today at (402) 576-5771 for assistance.


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