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Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE had a garage door torsion spring replacement project in Greenwood, NE. The homeowner called for emergency garage door repair service since their garage door torsion spring broke. We responded to their request for garage door spring replacement quickly as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company. We were able to make the garage door spring repairs quickly so that the homeowner could use their garage again. 

Replacing the torsion springs before they stop properly functioning is very important, as it can be hazardous to be close to a torsion spring when it breaks. You’ll be unable to use your garage door properly until the spring has been fixed. Due to the danger involved in replacing torsion springs, it’s always best to call in the professionals.

A trusted garage door company like Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE offers professional services for a wide range of garage door repairs. Your garage door should be maintained regularly to maximize performance, and understanding the causes of garage door issues can help you relay the information to professional garage door repair technicians.

Should I hire a professional instead of fixing the problem by myself?

Yes, you should contact a residential garage door repair company if you are experiencing any problems with your garage door. DIY repair on torsion springs is not recommended, and it is advisable to obtain assistance from a reputable garage door provider, such as Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE. Professionals will know what is wrong and exactly how to fix it, so the work can start immediately. They will also be able to tell you how long the project will take, so if you want to schedule the repair for a more convenient time, you can.

Broken garage door springs are one of the most frequent reasons for a garage door not to open or close when it should. Garage door spring replacement requires a thorough understanding of the spring system and the other garage door components that interact with it. A professional garage door repair business should be called when a garage door spring fails. The presence of a broken spring is indicated by a number of warning indicators that you should be able to recognize instantly.

It’s essential to hire a professional who will have the right tools for the job and the know-how to work quickly and efficiently. If something does go wrong, the work will be under warranty.

If you want a challenge, sure, do the work yourself. But if you want quick, efficient, and affordable garage door repair, hire Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE.

Garage Door Springs: Some Facts You Should Know

Extension springs and torsion springs are the two types of available garage door springs.

Torsion springs are mounted on a spring bar (or torsion tube) on the header inside the garage door opening, while a center bracket holds the spring(s) in place.

On the other hand, extension springs are mounted on both sides of the door. One end is attached to the track supports, and the other is fastened to the tracks with cables.

Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE offers both commercial and residential garage door repair services to Greenwood, NE residents, Omaha, Lincoln, and the surrounding areas including Papillion, Bellevue, NE, and Council Bluffs, Iowa. We have you covered, from garage door opener repair and garage door spring repair to garage door spring installation and garage door opener installation. If you experience any issue with your home or business garage door, call us today at (402) 576-5771 for professional assistance on garage door spring replacement. 


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