Garage Door Spring Replacement Omaha

Garage Door Spring Replacement Omaha

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A client in Omaha, NE, called us for an emergency garage door repair. They were about to leave for the day when they heard a loud boom and saw the garage door close quickly. They tried to use the emergency cord, but the door was too heavy for them to lift. We immediately responded to the client's request and dispatched a technician right away. Our technician arrived in less than an hour, diagnosed the issue as a broken spring, and installed a new set of springs within hours of the call. On time, on budget, and with excellence in customer service — that is Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE!

One of the things you do not give much thought to until it breaks is your garage door. Then, suddenly, you are stuck in your garage with no way to get your car out. Large and often used, garage doors are prone to breaking, which results in a host of issues. Read on to learn more about garage door springs and what to do if your garage door spring breaks.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Extension Springs

Extension springs are found on either side of the garage door. They are a popular type of spring due to their counterbalance effect, supporting the entire door as it is opened. The greater the force applied, the more the extension springs will extend. It is important to note that all extension springs must come with safety cables. It is to prevent the spring from becoming a projectile in the event of failure.

Torsion Spring

Torsion springs use torque, or twisting force, to create tension. They are different from extension springs, which rely on expansion or extension. Torsion springs are found above garage doors, which twist and turn on a shaft when force is applied.

These springs come in various measurements and can be customized to the garage door's weight, height, and material. In addition, tension springs provide a smoother opening and closing action for garage doors.

Signs That Your Garage Door Spring Has Broken

A Loud Noise From The Garage

When you hear a sudden, loud noise coming from your garage, it is likely that a spring has broken and is rapidly unwinding. Even though the door may not have fallen, the sound of the spring breaking can be quite loud. So take a closer look to see what is going on.

The Spring Has a Gap

One way to tell that your spring is broken is by the gap that forms in the coils. Springs are typically tightly wound and connected from end to end, so any break in this continuity indicates something is wrong.

A Door Bend at the Top

One of the signs that your door's spring is broken is when the top panel starts to bend when you open the door. Without functional springs, the door opener cannot lift the panels’ weight, making it difficult to open.

The Garage Door Drops Rapidly

The garage door opener is an important part of keeping your garage door functioning properly. The spring helps lift and lower the door easily. Since there is no counterweight to gravity tugging on the door panels, the door may fall to the ground if the spring snaps.

How Do I Deal With Broken Garage Door Springs?

Contact a garage door professional if your springs break or are visibly worn. Your garage door is extremely heavy, and trying to lift it manually can be very dangerous. It is because, without the spring, the door could come crashing down or close unexpectedly.

Attempting a DIY garage door spring replacement can be extremely dangerous. Not only is there a risk of seriously injuring yourself, but you could also cause considerable damage to the door itself. However, garage door experts have the training and experience to properly install your springs, ensuring they last as long as possible.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Your garage door is a crucial part of your home—it keeps your car safe and helps keep your home secure. When it breaks, it can be both dangerous and inconvenient. That is why you need to call Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE right away. We have the experience and the equipment to fix your garage door quickly and get you back on track. Call us for free estimates.

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