It is amazing to see how the garage door can make your home look nicer and more functional. Today, the garage is not just a place to park your car or store your belongings. It also affects your house’s appearance from the outside and its overall purpose. Therefore, one important thing to consider is to make sure the decorative hardware matches your garage door type. This door feature may not seem significant, but it can make a big difference that improves your home exterior.

This blog will help homeowners in Lincoln, NE, on how to match these door hardware to the type of garage door they have. Whether you have a modern garage or a more traditional one, unique hardware options can enhance its appearance. To help you make the best choice, we will also discuss decorative hardware material, color, design, and function. Are you ready to get started?

How to Match Decorative Hardware With Your Garage Door Type

By adding decorative hardware to the garage door, you can make the outside of your home look much better. Garage doors come in many styles, so it is important to know which ones go best with the various types of hardware. Here are some common types:


Hinges, often made of wrought iron, steel, or brass, come in various styles, such as classic, rustic, or modern. Adding decorative hinges to your garage door can make it look more classy. While these hinges are not functional, they can give it a more sophisticated look. In fact, they can make garage doors resemble carriage houses or other classic styles.

Ideal for: Carriage house garage doors

It should look like the decorative hinges add to these door types’ old-world charm.

Different garage door decorative hinges

Handles and Pulls

These handles can be made from cast iron, bronze, or brushed nickel. They come in various styles, from simple, sleek, ornamental, and complicated. Adding handles or pulls to your garage door can make it look like a manual door, giving it an old-fashioned, classic look. 

Ideal for: Side-hinged garage doors and custom wooden doors

These decorative hardware are perfect for giving a vintage look or country vibe to the garage doors. They can also add a handcrafted feel to custom wooden doors.

Straps and Brackets

This decorative hardware imitates the look of traditional hardware used in older, manually operated doors. Straps are long, thin pieces that resemble the functional straps used to hinge or strengthen doors. Brackets, however, are angular or curved pieces that resemble the supports used on carriage house doors or barn doors.

Ideal for: Barn-style doors and steel doors with wood finish

For homeowners who like rustic, country, or historical styles, adding straps and brackets to garage doors can significantly enhance the overall appearance of their homes.

Clavos (Decorative Nails)

Clavos are decorative nail heads you can add to the garage door for a handcrafted, artisan look. They come in different sizes, shapes, and finishes.

Ideal for: Spanish or Mediterranean-style garage doors

This small but important detail helps make these garage door types fit with rich textures and decorative touches. These hardwares are common in Spanish and Mediterranean architecture.

Door Knockers

Door knockers are decorative elements that look like the standard knockers you see on front doors. While they are non-functional on garage doors, they add a bit of elegance and personality.

Ideal for: Custom and high-end doors

This type of hardware is particularly suitable for doors with a classic and elegant design. You commonly have seen them in homes with a historic, Victorian, or luxury aesthetic.

Window Accents

Garage door window accents make the garage door look more polished or unique. They can be grilles, mullions, or fake window panes. 

Ideal for: Traditional style doors

Window accents on traditional-style garage doors can range from simple, elegant grids to more elaborate designs. Add these if you want a touch of class to the door’s classic look. 

Corner and Angle Brackets

These are often used to make the corners of the garage door stand out, adding a subtle but elegant touch.

Ideal for: Carriage house style doors

Homeowners who are attentive to detail prefer this decorative hardware because it brings out the handmade look of their garage door.

Customized Accents

Some homeowners choose personalized accents like family crests, monograms, or designs with themes. They use these customized pieces of hardware to show off their interests or the style of their home’s architecture.

A selection of different garage door decorative hardware

Decorative Hardware Color and Finish Considerations

Color and finish are very important when choosing decorative hardware for your garage. It will ensure you get the look you want and that it fits in with the rest of your home’s design.

Choosing the Right Color

Select hardware colors that complement the color of your garage door. For example, black or dark bronze hardware can create a striking contrast against a white garage door. Brass or gold tones can add warmth to wooden doors. Ensure that the hardware color you chose harmonizes with the exterior colors of your home. It creates a cohesive look, enhancing the overall curb appeal.

Selecting the Right Finish

Different finishes are available, like matte, glossy, brushed, and textured. Each finish can greatly affect how the gear looks and reacts to light. The finish can also reflect the style of your home. A glossy finish might suit a modern and sleek design, whereas a brushed or textured finish might be more appropriate for traditional or rustic styles.

Impact on Garage Materials

Decorative hardware with a rustic finish can enhance the natural beauty of the wood, while polished finishes can add a touch of elegance. Additionally, choosing a contrasting finish can add visual interest. For example, matte finishes on glossy metal doors or vice versa.

Garage Door Hardware Installation Tips

There are a few things you should think about before you install the decorative hardware in your garage. Having the right tools and carefully measuring and leveling your placement points are all important factors. Consider drilling holes ahead of time to avoid damage, mainly for heavier doors. And be careful when you tighten screws. Safety should always come first, especially when working at heights.

On the other hand, garage door professionals should do more complicated installations, especially ones that need special hardware or changes to the structure. You should also call them if you are short on time or want to keep your warranty valid.

Garage Door Hardware From Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE

Do you want to show off your style by changing how your garage door looks? Garage door decorative hardware may be just what you need. At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we can help you choose the right decorative hardware for your garage door type. Our team specializes in custom garage door installation tailored to your unique style and preferences. Our skilled work and attention to detail will ensure an easy and professional installation process. So do not wait. Call us to add style and elegance to your home with decorative garage door hardware.