Are you giving your garage a little makeover, or maybe you are starting from scratch? Either way, choosing the right garage door is a big deal. It is not just about making your house look appealing, but you are also making your garage useful and accessible. That is where knowing about standard garage door sizes comes in handy.

In this guide, we will show you how to measure standard garage door sizes with ease and precision. Whether you are parking a small car or a big SUV or need space for two vehicles, this guide has you covered. So, let us dive in and find that perfect garage door together.

What Are the Standard Garage Door Sizes?

There are different standard garage door sizes to fit different needs. Here are the dimensions:

Single Garage Door Size

A single garage door is usually 8 feet wide and 7 feet tall (8’ x 7’). However, for slightly wider garage spaces, sizes can also range from 9 feet wide by 7 feet tall (9’ x 7’) to 10 feet wide by 7 feet tall (10’ x 7’). These dimensions are suitable for standard cars, small trucks, and vans.

Double Garage Door Size

Double garage doors typically measure 16 feet wide by 7 feet tall (16’ x 7’). This size can comfortably accommodate two standard vehicles side by side. Another common size is 18 feet wide by 7 feet tall (18’ x 7’). This size can accommodate a bit more room for larger vehicles or additional storage space on the sides.

A standard double garage door

RV Garage Door Size

RV garage doors need to be significantly taller than standard garage doors to accommodate the height of recreational vehicles. A typical RV garage door size is 12 to 16 feet wide by 12 to 14 feet tall (12’-16’ W x 12’-14’ H). With these measurements, most RVs, which have large widths and heights, will fit easily.

Custom Garage Door Sizes

While standard garage door sizes meet most needs, certain situations require custom garage doors. These scenarios include:

How to Measure Standard Garage Door Sizes

While measuring a garage door might seem easy, it is important to be absolutely accurate. If you measure it wrong, it can cause a lot of headaches and extra money spent. Here is how you can measure standard garage door sizes:

Measure the Garage Width

The first thing you need to do when measuring your garage door is to find out how wide the opening is. You should measure the widest part, which is usually at the bottom of the door. Make sure you measure from one side of the opening to the other side. That may include the brickwork or frame where you will install the garage door. Do not forget to write this measurement because it tells you the size of the door you need to purchase or order.

A standard sized garage door

Measure the Garage Height

After you have measured the garage width, you need to find out how tall it is. Just like when you measured the width, make sure to measure the height at the tallest point. If your garage floor is uneven, always measure from the highest spot so the garage door will shut properly. Garage height is important because it determines what tracks and spring types you need for installation.

Headroom Measurement

The headroom is the space above your garage door, between the top of the door opening and the ceiling. This space is important because it is where parts of the garage door need to fit. To measure the headroom, measure from the top of the opening to the nearest obstruction above. Make sure there is enough headroom so that your garage door works smoothly with no problems.

Side Room Measurement

Side room measurements are important to ensure there is enough space to install the vertical track on each side of the door. You do this by measuring how much space you have on both sides of the opening—from the opening to the nearest obstruction, like walls or other fixed objects. The side room is also important for the installation of the door’s mechanism.

Backroom Measurement

The backroom is how far the front where your garage door opens up all the way to the back wall of your garage. This measurement is important if you have a roll-up or sectional garage door. Measure from the front where the door opens to the very back end of the garage, where there are no obstructions.

Why Correct Garage Door Measurements Are Crucial

Accurate garage door measurement is not just about making sure the door fits. It also ensures that your garage door installation works smoothly, is safe, and looks good. If you measure it incorrectly, you could end up spending extra money to fix oversights. Additionally, you can have a garage door that is unsafe or does not work as intended.

By following the steps above, you can measure your garage door the right way. Thus, the right measurements will help you choose the right garage door type and size for your home. However, if you are unsure about the size or which door to choose, it is always best to ask a garage door installer. They make sure every dimension they get is right, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

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