Chain- or belt-driven openers have been the two most popular options for homeowners interested in automating a garage door. However, that has changed with the recent development of screw-drive, jackshafts, and direct-drive openers. As a result, there are now more alternatives to automating garage doors. In this post, we will discuss the advantages of one particular type: the screw-drive garage door opener.

What Is a Screw Drive Garage Door Opener?

A screw-drive garage door opener produces the motion that opens and shuts the garage door. This type of opener relies on a threaded bar that is similar to the threaded bar of a screw. When the door is opened, the threaded bar rotates in one direction; when the door is closed, it turns in the opposite direction. The motorized door opener uses a trolley to move the door along a threaded steel rod. The pushing and pulling forces differ significantly from chain and belt drive openers.

Why Choose a Screw-Drive Garage Door Opener

There are a few reasons why screw-drive garage door openers typically work better than belt or chain-drive garage door openers. First of all, there are fewer moving parts, which means that screws do not wear down quickly, and there is less chance of them becoming jammed. Additionally, because there are no links between the door and the motor, screw-drive door openers are often much quieter than chain-drive garage door openers

Finally, because there is very little play in the system, the door rises and lowers smoothly – which is not always true with chain-drive garage doors. This feature can make these openers more ideal for garage doors in warm climates where temperature fluctuations can be a problem. However, screw-drive garage door openers typically cost a little more than belt or chain drive openers.

Chain- and screw-drive openers have different advantages and disadvantages. Chain openers can last a long time, depending on the quality of the chain and the garage door opener motor. Screw-drive openers never need to be adjusted, which is another significant benefit. However, the rollers on a chain opener will wear out eventually, and the garage door may become damaged. 

In contrast, screw-drive opener motors are generally more durable, so damage is less likely to occur over time. Some users say screw-drive garage door openers are noisier than belt-driven openers. However, the recent improvements in temperature sensitivity and loudness have made them one of the most popular types of garage door openers. 

Additionally, screw-drive openers are typically much faster than belt-driven openers; opening a door can happen in just 10 to 12 inches, compared to 6- to 8-in. seconds for a traditional belt drive opener. The screw-drive garage door opener is a more efficient type of garage door opener and uses less energy to operate. It also has fewer moving parts, which makes it more reliable and easier to maintain.

The Care and Maintenance of Your Screw-Drive Garage Door Opener

Like other garage door openers, screw-drive openers can become noisy over time. However, by applying a little lubricant regularly, you can significantly reduce the amount of noise your opener makes—you may schedule regular tune-ups with your garage door contractor to keep your opener in good working order.

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