At first glance, a sectional garage door appears to be quite straightforward. It has multiple panels that are connected via hinges to form a single, large structure. The number of panels depends on the size of the door. Yet, have you ever wondered what makes up sectional garage doors? Here is a closer look at these common types of garage doors. Let us explore what they are, how they work, and the benefits they offer.

What Sectional Garage Doors Are Made of?

Many garage door contractors prefer the sectional type for garage doors because of the strong, insulated panels made from durable galvanized steel. Their construction provides excellent stability and strength, even for bigger garages. These doors can accommodate much larger openings compared to other door types. To help you make an informed choice, let us look at some key factors before choosing this type to replace your broken garage door.


Sectional doors are mainly galvanized steel, but you can also find options in aluminum and timber. Steel doors often have a woodgrain finish, giving them the strength and security of steel with the appearance of wood. Timber sectional doors come in different wood choices like European Oak, Mahogany, and Cedarwood. In terms of size, timber doors can go up to 8 feet in width, while timber sectional doors can be up to 5 meters wide (over 16 feet).

A sectional garage door


If you want to use your garage as an office, workshop, or gym, go for sectional garage doors. Simply add insulation to keep a steady temperature and protect your belongings. The added insulation prevents humidity and damage, ensuring the safety of your valuables and cars. These panels with high R-values, when installed, can reduce heating costs in adjacent rooms. Some models even have optional rubber seals for better insulation.


Unlike other types of garage doors, sectional garage doors do not have a subframe. Instead, they require a sturdy surface for installation. Installing them within the opening will need a special installation kit. The frame of a sectional door is not box-sectioned like with tilt-up ones and does not consist of interlocking head and leg components. The frame’s purpose is to support the operating gear and spring mechanism. It relies on a solid and straight surface for proper installation.

How Do Sectional Garage Doors Work?

Sectional garage doors operate on a simple yet ingenious mechanism. When you open the door, it moves up and down along tracks with the help of rollers. Once fully open, it folds horizontally and neatly into the ceiling of your garage. This folding action allows the door to save space inside and outside the garage. What a perfect solution for garages with limited space or that need to house bigger cars. 

The Benefits of Sectional Garage Doors

Design Your Dream Garage

Sectional garage doors offer a range of customization options to match your style and home’s architecture. You can pick from various colors, finishes, and panel designs to create a unique and visually appealing look. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional style, sectional doors allow you to personalize your garage’s appearance.

Enjoy a Space-Saving Design

As mentioned, these doors are great for saving space. Unlike swing-out or tilt-up doors, they open vertically. That means you can park your vehicles closer to the door without obstructions. Thus, it allows for more efficient use of the space in front of your garage.

A sectional garage door installation

Satisfy Your Need For Energy Efficiency

A sectional garage door is more efficient. Thanks to its multiple panels and weather seals, the door helps form a barrier between outside air and what is inside your garage. As a result, it can lead to great savings in heating and cooling costs since it maintains a more stable temperature indoors.

Enhance Your Home Security

Since they use durable materials like steel or aluminum, they are highly resistant to break-ins. Many sectional doors also feature strong locking systems, adding extra protection for your garage and belongings. With a sectional overhead door installation, your home is better protected.

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