This Thanksgiving, get creative and use your garage space as the perfect hosting place. During holidays, homes need to be bigger to host everyone. That is where the garage comes in. You can transform your garage into the perfect party space with careful planning and preparation. So this year, do not let a lack of space discourage you from celebrating with your loved ones. Your garage can be surprisingly ideal for the holiday with a few improvements.

Thanksgiving Ideas to Improve Your Garage Space

Begin by clearing out any large items or vehicles from the garage at least one week before the big day. It will give you plenty of time to clean and decorate the inside and outside of the space.

Garage Door Display

Just like your front door, why not decorate parts of a garage door for Thanksgiving? The same elements that look great by the front door will work just as well by the garage. For example, homeowners love using mums, pumpkins, hay bales, and corn stalks in Thanksgiving garage door displays. Likewise, wreaths during the fall season are charming and stunning. However, given how frequently the garage door opens and closes, we suggest hanging them from a side door.

Kids-Friendly Thanksgiving Garage Space Decorations

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get the kids involved in decorating. Scarecrows are a great way to add some seasonal flair to your yard, and they are also loads of fun for kids to make. Stuff some hay, or leaves inside old clothing to create a scarecrow, then finish it with a pumpkin head. Pose your scarecrow near the garage so anyone who pulls into your driveway will get a festive greeting.

Inflatables are another popular choice for kid-friendly holiday decor. One’s mostly seen at Christmas time, inflatables are available for all occasions. From pilgrims and pumpkins to turkeys, inflatable Thanksgiving decorations bring out the kid in everyone. Just be sure to leave plenty of room for guests to access the garage interior.

Decoration for Garage Space Walls

Blank walls are the perfect canvas for seasonal decorations but do not worry. Even if your walls are covered in tools or other clutter, you can still create a beautiful Thanksgiving display. First, cover the pegboard with a sheet and then attach your decor to the sheet. Consider hanging autumn leaves or decorative stalks of corn from the wall for a natural look. You can also find store-bought paper decorations with seasonal themes, such as turkeys, pumpkins, or autumn leaves.

Table Decorations

Create a festive Thanksgiving table by folding seasonal tablecloths over the tables and chairs. Leave plenty of room for all the food, and keep any tabletop decor small. Miniature gourds make a perfect addition. You can also place larger gourds, pumpkins, or a cornucopia on any sideboard table.


Candles can add a touch of elegance to your garage door space

As you plan your dinner party, be sure to give some thought to the lighting. To give your guests the ambiance you want, you might need more than just the garage light. Candles can add a touch of elegance, but they also come with a risk of fire. So, consider using battery-operated candles or string lights to add extra light without worry.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

As we head into another holiday season, we at Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE want to remind our clients that we are always here for your overhead garage door needs. If you are from the Omaha, NE area or one of its surrounding communities, we can provide you with garage door openers, garage door installation, and garage door repair services. Our team of experts will work quickly and efficiently to get your door back in order so you can enjoy your holidays stress-free. Call us today for free estimates.