As a business owner, you know the challenges of having a large commercial building with numerous entrances and exits for deliveries and pickups. It sounds like a hassle if you have to open and shut the complete gateway every time. If you need an upgrade or a new garage door installation for your business, you may consider adding a man door to your commercial garage door. Installing this kind of door in your commercial building has several advantages. What you need to know is outlined below.

Why is it called a man door?

A regular swing-style door integrated into a garage door is known as a man door. It is also known as an access door, a pass door, or a pedestrian door. In essence, a man door is a door used by staff to enter and exit a facility or move between areas inside a building. The name separates it from a door used to bring in or take out equipment or supplies.

Why install a man door?

Suppose it is time to upgrade or customize your garage doors in your commercial building. In that case, it is necessary to consider the following factors to help you decide if integrating this kind of door is the best option.


Man doors are used in various commercial and industrial applications, including factories, warehouses, breweries, and more. Employees and other staff in this setting do not have to use the bulky main doors since man doors can be found in the loading dock or as a side door to enable simple access into the warehouse. In addition, these doors provide access to a commercial facility’s front, side, or back, as well as to staff and customer entrances and fire escapes.


With a man door, you may enter a garage as quickly as possible without raising or lowering the entire doorsaving you time and physical strength, particularly if your personnel must leave the building repeatedly during the day.


Man doors are frequently constructed of sturdy materials that can resist extreme working conditions, which are made to withstand fire and bomb explosion, bullet, and even storm damage. Man doors also operate with fewer moving parts and without the complex electrical components, making them simpler to maintain and replace. As a result, installing this access door can cut costs and save time on inspections and repairs. So, if you need multiple doors on your property and want to save money on upkeep, man doors might be your best option.


Curious onlookers can peek in effortlessly and look around when your garage door opens. A man door, on the other hand, limits their range of vision to maximize your level of privacy. It is possible because most man doors are typically commercial doors with man-sized openings carved out of them. 


For instance, a rolling garage door is intended for the equipment door, where supplies, machinery, and vehicles are moved. If a man door next to an equipment door is accessible, employees can use it instead of the equipment door, as a standard of workplace policies. Doing so can safeguard them against potential harm from the sudden malfunctioning of a rolling garage door. On the other hand, the staff must carefully walk through the equipment door if no man door is accessible.

Energy Conservation

One of the most efficient ways to increase a garage door’s lifespan is to add a man door. Since primary garage doors do not need to be opened as frequently as they should be, it reduces energy consumption, wear and tears, and significant temperature changes in the warehouse. Specifically, “man doors” keep less heat from escaping in the winter than larger doors.

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