Are you considering purchasing a new garage door? Installing a garage door is no small task. You may feel dazzled by the number of decisions involved in such an undertaking. From selecting the right style for your home to choosing the type of opener, it can be tough to know what to expect. Do not fret; you do not have to go through this alone. We are here to guide you through the garage door installation process. So, let us look at the various stages in detail so you can confidently navigate your way to the perfect garage door in no time.

What to Expect During the Garage Door Installation Process

A garage door installation involves many different steps. Before you set things out, let us look at what you need to know. Below is a brief detail of what you can expect throughout the process:

Book a Consultation

An installer will assess your garage, measure it, and discuss your preferences. The garage door installation cost will also be disclosed during this process.

Final Door Selection 

After your meeting, it is time to pick the perfect door for your garage. Choose the style, material, color, and extra features or accessories. Now you can get the garage door that fits your needs and budget perfectly.

A technician assembling the track system during the garage door installation process

The Procurement Process

Upon selection, the installers will handle the ordering for you. They will ensure it fits your needs and meets local building standards. So do not worry about a thing.

Clear Out the Garage

Before the installation day, you may need to clean the garage and give the installers enough room to work.

Removal of Existing Garage Door 

If you already have a door, the installation team will carefully take it off and, if needed, disconnect any electrical parts.

Installation of Tracks and Hardware 

The installer will put the horizontal tracks, vertical tracks, rollers, and other needed hardware together. They will secure them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Garage Door Panel Installation 

Installing a new garage door is easy. It involves fitting the panels one at a time and connecting them to rollers and tracks. That ensures the door is in the right place and runs smoothly.

Installation of Springs and Lifting Cables

The door’s weight will be supported by torsion or extension springs, and the lifting cables will help the door open and close.

Attachment of Opener System 

The installation team will place the motor unit if you have an automatic door opener. Next, they will connect it to the door and make other necessary adjustments.

Testing and Adjustments 

The installer will test the door’s operation carefully and make any required adjustments to guarantee it works smoothly and safely.

Cleanup and Final Check

The installation team will clean up the work area, remove the trash, and do a final check to ensure the job is done well.

Newly installed sectional garage doors

Instructions and Warranty

The installer will guide you on using and maintaining the garage door and provide warranty details.

For a successful installation, understand the process and follow the steps outlined here. Doing this lets you rest easy knowing that your garage door will be installed correctly, quickly, and effectively. With an expert touch, you can trust that your new garage door is in safe hands. 

What You Can Do During the Installation Process

Remember to be home on the day of your appointment since the technicians must get into your garage. Also, stay out of the garage during the installation so you do not endanger yourself. To keep your kids safe, you should ensure they have no garage access. Be available for the installers in case they have any questions or concerns. Even though it is rare, some things can go wrong that will need your help.

If You See Something Unusual

Once your new garage door is up, it should work normally. But if you feel something is wrong, always call for a safety check. Even though problems are rare after installation, they are not impossible.

As time passes, your new garage door may need fixes to keep working safely and optimally. It is important to call our door experts as soon as problems arise. Fixing problems as they happen is safer and cheaper and can also make your door last longer.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

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