Fiberglass garage doors are often overlooked in favor of other materials, like wood or steel. However, these heavy-duty doors can be ideal for a number of residential applications. Here is what you should know about fiberglass garage doors to determine whether they are the right choice for your home.

Types of Fiberglass Garage Doors

Single-Layer Fiberglass Garage Doors

These doors comprise one layer of fiberglass sandwiched between a sturdy steel or aluminum frame. Although they do not provide much insulation, they are great for detached garages and carports that require simple protection.

Double-Layer Fiberglass Garage Doors

These doors feature two layers of fiberglass separated by insulation. Installing a fiberglass garage door featuring two layers with insulation between them is an excellent choice as it offers superior protection, energy efficiency, and noticeably reduced noise.

Triple-Layer Fiberglass Garage Doors

These doors have added insulation sandwiched between their three layers of fiberglass. As a result, not only do they offer an impressive level of strength, but they also maximize your garage’s energy efficiency. This premium option is an ideal choice if you desire quality and durability.

A home with one-car fiberglass garage doors

Fiberglass Garage Doors: Advantages


Fiberglass is ideal for a garage door that requires minimal effort to open. It is one of the lightest materials available, so it will not strain the lifting parts as much. In addition, many fiberglass doors come with a steel core for increased durability and strength. But it still can maintain the unique lightness needed for easy opening.


Fiberglass is a great material option when it comes to affordability, usually costing much less than wood and ringing in at comparable prices to aluminum. Moreover, it has the added benefit of offering superior insulation compared to steel — making it an even greater bargain.

Rust resistance

Fiberglass is a uniquely low-maintenance material, ideal for those living by the coast. Not only is it highly resistant to corrosion, but it will also not contract or expand due to temperature changes. In contrast, wood can warp and rot when exposed to moisture. Fiberglass remains unblemished and requires practically no upkeep in time and money.

Environmentally friendly production

A well-lit garage is an essential part of any home instead of just being an afterthought. Fiberglass’ semi-transparency provides improved visibility for working with power tools and reduces shadowing from artificial light sources.

Investing in a fiberglass garage door is an excellent decision when it comes to keeping the environment in mind. It requires relatively low energy during production. And you can also get back most of the cost when selling your home due to its high resale value.

A sectional fiberglass garage door

Fiberglass Garage Doors: Disadvantages

Susceptibility to weather damage

High winds can pose a serious threat to fiberglass garage doors, as the material itself is quite lightweight and fragile. Not only could it become damaged by the wind, but the sound of a gusty coastal area may be unbearably loud for some people. In addition, many homeowners find that dents and cracks appear over time due to wear and tear. Additionally, this type of door can easily break or fracture during cold spells, making approval from building codes virtually impossible in windy locations.


Fiberglass garages are not as strong as their wood or steel counterparts and can become severely damaged due to accidents. When it sustains any damage, the only recourse is to replace it since no repair options are available. Additionally, despite its environmentally friendly production methods, it cannot be recycled.

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