Imagine you are walking down your street, and every house looks the same, especially those plain garage doors. It is 2024, and it is time for a change. Why not add some unique touches to your garage door and really make it stand out? This blog will explore some fun and creative garage door accents you can try this year. Whether you like the newest tech or something a little more eco-friendly, our garage door experts will give you plenty of inspiration. Start reading to learn how to improve the garage door’s look and give your house that extra something.

Garage Door Color Trends and Paint Techniques

This year, homeowners in Lincoln, NE, are not just choosing white or gray garage doors. They are also trying out bright colors and new ways to paint the home’s exterior to show off their style. These are some ideas that will help you change the way your home looks:

Bold and Bright Garage Door Colors

The year 2024 is about making a statement. So, if you plan to retouch your garage doors, why not choose bright colors? Gone are the days of playing it safe with whites and beiges. Instead, homeowners like vibrant blues, oranges, and greens. These colors boost your home’s curb appeal and convey positivity. However, consider the style of your home and the colors of the plants and trees around it before choosing a bright color. If you look at these things, it will help the overall look go together.

A red-painted residential garage door
Neutral and Natural Tones

While bright hues are trendy, basic and natural tones are always a good choice for a more sophisticated look. Soft pastels, shades of gray, and taupe all have a simple elegance that goes well with both modern and classic homes. With the right design and landscaping, these colors can make a space look sleek and classy. They also look great against brighter accent colors, making an interesting but unified exterior design.

Unique Garage Door Painting Techniques

In 2024, homeowners are using specialty paint methods to play around with color, texture, and finishes. For traditional or rustic houses, faux wood finishes add warmth and texture with minimal upkeep. On the other hand, metallic finishes make your home look fancy and modern.

Hardware Upgrades for a Sophisticated Look

If you want to make your garage door stand out, check out these stylish and useful garage door hardware ideas:

Decorative Handles and Hinges

Gone are the days when garage door handles and hinges were purely functional. Decorative hardware that serves a purpose and looks nice is in this year. Some metals, like wrought iron, copper, and brushed nickel, are making a comeback. They will give your garage door a classic look. Meanwhile, modern designs are sleek and classy, making them perfect for homeowners who want a more modern look.

Magnetic Garage Accents

Magnetic garage door accents are easy-to-use handles and hinges that imitate real hardware on metal garage doors, providing a quick and hassle-free upgrade. They are perfect for homeowners testing new styles or for temporary changes, allowing for easy rearranging or replacement.

Smart Locks and Other Safety Improvements

As smart home gadgets get better, you have more cool options for your garage door. You can get devices like smart garage door locks or security systems that connect with your smart home system. These add-ons can match your door’s style and give you peace of mind with better security.

Lighting Solutions to Highlight Your Garage Door

The right lighting makes things more visible and safer at night, and it can also make your garage door stand out. Here are some lighting options available:

Downlighting and Uplighting

Downlighting and uplighting are two sides of the same coin. They are both meant to make your garage door look its best. To downlight, you put lights above the garage door so they shine downwards. This method makes the door and driveway more visible, and the outside of your house look more elegant.

Uplighting, on the other hand, uses lights that are low to the ground. You point the lights upwards to make dramatic shadows and draw attention to house details. Both ways can highlight the garage door’s textures, colors, and features.

A garage door with lights as an accent
Smart LED Strips

Smart LED strips are gaining popularity for garage door accents due to their customization options. You can attach these flexible strips around the frame or panel recesses, offering a modern, sleek look and versatility. Plus, these accent lights let you change colors, patterns, and brightness levels, all with a smartphone app. 

Solar-Powered Accents

Solar-powered lighting options are gaining popularity for their eco-friendly benefits. These garage door accent lights are cheap and automatically work when it gets dark. They charge during the day, which means they use less power.

Custom Garage Door Panels

You can add personality to your garage doors with the following garage door accents:

Glass Door Panel Inserts

Adding glass panels to garage doors is a popular trend that lets in natural light without giving up privacy. Homeowners can pick from frosted, tinted, or clear options that add light and shadow to the front of their houses.

Carved Wood or Composite Designs

Carved wood or composite garage door panels have a unique, natural look with complex designs. They are durable and stunning, and they can stand up to the elements.

Faux Window Overlays

Adding architectural interest to garage doors without adding windows is possible with faux window panels that look like window panes. They improve the look of solid doors and match the style of the house. These garage door accents also come in different styles and colors.

To sum it up, your garage door is a big part of your home’s first impression. By adding garage door accents, you can really make it stand out in your neighborhood. Do not be afraid to mix styles and try something new. Instead, be creative with this fun project that boosts your home’s curb appeal and might even up its value. So, give your garage door a makeover and make your neighbors look twice.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

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