Garage door springs are the part of garage doors that provides the necessary support in opening and closing the door. When the right springs are used, they can provide additional benefits to your garage door. A two-spring system is a great addition to any garage door. It balances convenience and security while providing more versatility than the standard spring system. This blog post informs people about the benefits of having two springs in your garage door.

Should You Have a Two-Spring System on Your Garage Door?

Our Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE experts are often asked how many springs are needed to replace a broken garage door spring. Well, the answer depends on the weight of the garage door.

For example, only one garage door torsion spring is required for a single car door made of aluminum or other lightweight material. But for very large and heavy doors, two or more springs may be necessary to provide enough lifting power. In some cases, a wood door may require three or four springs.

Remember that more springs mean more lifting power, which could make it easier to open and close your garage door. So consider all your options before making a final decision.

A garage door with a two-spring system

Advantages of Using a Two-Spring System on Your Garage Door

There are many benefits to using two springs. The fact that they can help protect your door from higher wind pressure makes them a popular choice. That is important to note because hurricanes are getting stronger and more frequent recently. Naturally, you do not want your garage doors to be the cause of your home’s vulnerability. With two springs, you are guaranteed that your door will remain functional for years.  

Having Two Springs Makes Your Door More Durable

Did you know that your garage door springs have a limited lifespan? According to experts, they can last for a certain number of cycles before you need a garage door spring replacement. 

Fortunately, there is a way to extend the life of your garage door springs. Two torsion springs will have an easier time lifting the door and last longer. Thus, it means fewer calls to the garage door company for repairs.

The Door Operates Much More Smoothly

A two-spring setup is much more likely to provide a regulated movement than a single-spring design. With only one spring, your door experiences more pressure when you close it, causing an unequal strength shift. A single spring can result in a jerky movement when opening or closing. 

When you close a door equipped with two springs, it is also more unlikely to lose balance or damage to occur. That is because there is less pressure on the spring when closing or opening a door. Thus, a torque spring is designed to maintain an equal range of torsion.

A new garage door

Two-Spring System Is Recommended for Security Reasons

The safety of your family and property is paramount. Having two torsion springs instead of one offers significant advantages in terms of protection. It is not hard to imagine what could happen if one of the springs failed and the door came crashing down. Without a two-spring system, the door is vulnerable to crashing down with great force in case the other spring breaks.

Sadly, this has led to many people being seriously injured. Installing two torsion springs offers peace of mind and increased safety for you and your loved ones. You know that if one spring breaks, the other will prevent the door from falling and causing injury. 

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Do you need to replace your garage door springs? Invest in a two-spring system to enjoy garage door comfort on a whole new level. Do not ever skimp on safety when it comes to you, your family, and your assets. Turn to Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE for expert garage door service! 

Whatever the size and type of your garage door, there are options to suit your needs. Additionally, with our professional and licensed technicians, inspecting your overhead garage door can be less work than you think. So do not hesitate to call us if you need a garage door repair service. And ask our friendly customer online support for free estimates.