Are you living in an area that sees strong winds? Then you need to make sure that your garage door is up to the task. A wind code rating helps protect your home and keep it safe, especially during hurricanes or tornadoes. Sad to say, people often forget that wind resistance is an important element of garage doors. If you live in places with high winds and bad weather, make sure to know your garage door’s wind code ratings to check if it is sturdy and secure enough. In this blog, we will talk about the wind code rating for garage doors. Discover what they are, how they work, and why they are important.

What Are Garage Door Wind Code Ratings?

Garage door wind code ratings are industry standards that show how well a door can stand up to high winds and pressures. Various institutions and building codes set these ratings to make sure that garage doors are stable. In places where hurricanes, tornadoes, or strong winds are common, wind code ratings are important. 

A garage door with wind code ratings

Difference Between Wind Pressure and Wind Speed

Wind load design pressure: Wind load design pressures measure how much pressure strong winds put on a garage door.

Wind speed ratings: Wind speed ratings measure the fastest wind a door can handle.

How to Understand Design Wind Load Pressures

Wind load design pressures (WDP) are measured in pounds per square foot (PSF). It shows the wind’s force on a garage door’s surface area. Note that these pressures can differ depending on where you are and what the local building codes require. There are three main types of WDP ratings:

  1. Positive Wind Pressure: This is how hard the wind pushes against the outside of the garage door. It is measured in PSF and is usually indicated by the letter “P.”
  2. Negative Wind Pressure: “N” stands for “negative wind pressure.” It is the force that the wind produces when it pulls on the inside of the garage door.
  3. Combined Wind Pressure: The letter “C” stands for “combined wind pressure,” which is the total of positive and negative wind pressures. It displays the total force applied to the garage door during strong wind.

What Is a Wind Speed Rating

Wind speed ratings show how much wind a garage door can take before it breaks or becomes damaged. These ratings are usually shown by words like “WindSafe” or “WindStorm” or by exact wind speeds like “120 mph” or “150 mph.”

Different areas have different wind speed standards. To determine the right wind speed number for your garage door, look at the wind speed zone where you live. Your local building codes or authorities can give you more information about the detailed ratings you need.

Why Garage Door Wind Code Ratings Are Important

Safety and Security

Powerful gusts can put your garage door at risk. With the right wind rating, you can feel safe. So get one up to code, and you can safeguard your home, loved ones, and prized possessions.

Compliance with Building Codes 

Building codes often have special wind code requirements for garage doors in places with high winds. As long as you meet these conditions, your garage door installation will be in line with community rules.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies often look at the wind code ratings for coverage and premiums. If you install a garage door that meets or exceeds the required wind code rating, you can save money on your insurance. It can also assure you that any claims related to wind damage are approved.

Talk to an Expert for the Proper Wind Code Ratings

Choose a garage door with the right wind code rating to keep your home safe from strong winds and storms. Research wind pressure, wind speeds, and building codes to pick one that will not disappoint you. Ask experts or get help from reliable garage door installers to make sure you get the best door for your home.

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