Smart home technology keeps improving, bringing better, simpler ways to do complicated jobs. Among these new ideas, garage door remotes stand out as an important tool that shows how ease and technology can work together. Let us discuss how a garage door fob has changed over the years. Learn the benefits and how to program these handy devices. Never be left without access again—explore our range of garage door remotes today and open up a world of convenience!

Tracking the History

In the past, garage doors had to be opened and closed manually, which was often difficult and took a lot of time. Today, the “garage door clicker” or remote for your garage door is a good example of how things have changed. It is a seamless mix of efficiency and modernity.

Benefits of Having Garage Door Remotes

There are many benefits to having a garage door remote control, including ease and safety. Here are some of the main pros:


One of the best things about a garage door remote is its easy use. With just one click of a remote button, you can open or close your garage door from your car or home. Thus, you do not have to move big garage doors by hand, which is especially helpful when it rains or snows.

A driver opening the door with a garage door remote while inside the car


Remote controls save you time. You can get into your garage quickly without getting out of your car, looking for your keys, or opening the door by hand. It is especially helpful when you are in a hurry.

Enhanced Security

Today’s garage door clicker uses rolling code technology. Thus, it makes it harder for crooks to copy the signal and enter your garage without your permission. This high-tech safety feature keeps your house and things safe.

Multiple Access

Many remote control systems let you set more than one remote, which is helpful for families with more than one car. For easy access, each person can have their remote.

Home Automation Integration 

If you have a smart home setup, you can connect your garage door remote control to your home automation system. It adds a layer of convenience and security by allowing you to control your garage door using your smartphone or voice commands.

Increased House Value

Your home’s value may be worth more if you install a garage door remote system. It gives the impression that the home is more modern and convenient. Now that makes it more appealing to those who want to buy it.

Energy efficiency  

Some remote control systems have features that save energy, like setting your garage door to close automatically after a certain time. It helps keep the temperature in your garage stable and uses less energy.

Peace of Mind

It gives you peace of mind to know that your car is safe and easy to get to when you need it. Even when you are not at home, you can use a remote smart app to check on your garage door and its real-time activities.

In short, a garage door remote control has many benefits, such as ease of use, security, saving time, and the ability to work with other systems. It is a great addition to any garage door system because it is useful and gives users peace of mind.

How Do I Make an Extra Set of Garage Door Remotes?

Making copies of garage door remotes usually involves setting new remotes to work with your garage door opener. Here are the steps to making copies of garage door remotes:

Identify the model of your garage door opener.

You must first know the make and type of your garage door opener to make copies of the garage door remote. Usually, you can see this information printed on the opener’s motor unit.

Buy compatible remote controls.

Visit a reliable store or call the maker of your garage door opener to find remote controls that will work with it. Make sure they match your opener’s type and model.

Remove any existing codes if necessary.

If you are adding new remotes because you no longer want previous users to have access, you may need to clear the present codes from your garage door opener. Read the guidebook for your opener to find out how to do this.

Access the garage door opener.

Find the part of your garage door opener that has the motor. Most of the time, you find it mounted on the garage ceiling.

Set the opener to programming mode.

Most garage door openers have a “Learn” or “Program” button on the motor unit. Press this button to start setting the opener. To get to it, you might need a ladder.

Program the new remote.

Press the button on the new remote you want to program while the opening is in programming mode. Upon properly programming the remote, the indicator lights may flash or change.

Test the new remote.

After setting, press the button on the new remote to make sure it works. The garage door should either open or close in response.

A man holding a garage door remote

Repeat (if necessary) for additional remotes.

Repeat steps six and seven for each additional remote if you need to program more than one new remote.

Exit programming mode.

Once you have finished setting up every remote, hit the “Learn” or “Program” button once more on the motor unit to end the process.

Test each remote.

Check that each remote, including the ones already in use, functions properly. For advice on troubleshooting, refer to the owner’s manual for your garage door opener.

Keep the manual safe. 

Store the manuals for your garage door opener and remote controls for future reference.

It is important to remember that the particular steps may differ depending on the maker and type of garage door opener. Always see the owner’s manual for your opener for additional instructions. If you run into issues or have doubts about the process, you can always call a garage door expert like Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE to assist you with setting up your garage door remotes.

Garage Door Remote Near Me

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