The garage is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. It provides weather protection for your company vehicles and other belongings. It also serves as additional storage space for supplies and equipment. However, most business owners usually do not think about their commercial garage doors much unless something goes wrong.

Did you know that a replacement may help maintain your door in good working order and look wonderful for years to come? Here are some guidelines for determining when you should replace your commercial garage door.

Your commercial garage door has poor insulation

Keeping your commercial space insulated is the key to saving on your utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint. If you notice an unusual rise or fall in your energy expenditures, the garage door insulation may be causing it. Poorly-insulated garage doors can lead to extra heat escaping and chilly air entering the garage. If you have a warehouse with a massive garage door, it may be beneficial to invest in a replacement. Well, upgrading a modern garage door with increased insulation can save you hundreds of dollars on monthly energy costs. 

When it becomes a safety hazard

A damaged garage door is a serious safety hazard that can put you and others at risk. It may also lead to a violation of OSHA standards. If your garage door is damaged, you should refrain from using it. Instead, have it inspected by a professional. Hence, a garage door replacement may be the best option for an outdated door system that has sustained recurrent damage. That is to avoid serious workplace safety issues. Thus, a new, high-quality commercial garage door that includes sensors and other safety measures will prevent accidents from occurring.

Your garage door is old and vulnerable to break-ins

Every business owner’s priority is safeguarding their company against theft-related damages. Suppose you have a storage warehouse with commodities, equipment, and supplies. Indeed, ensuring your garage door is not that easy to break into is crucial. However, if your garage door system is old, it becomes more vulnerable to break-ins. Consider installing a custom garage door with cutting-edge security features such as alarms and sensors. Better yet, consult with a garage door expert for the best options.

Your commercial garage door is repeatedly breaking down

Hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars in replacement parts are wasted when a commercial garage door breaks down frequently. In addition, older garage door models can be unreliable and prone to malfunctions. Due to frequent breakdowns, the total repair and maintenance costs may be almost the same as replacing your entire garage door. If that is the case, a replacement is a way better solution to ensure the safety and security of your business.

It does not have the modern features you want

If your garage door is older than ten years, it may not have the kind of security features you want. Replacing it with a new one allows you to benefit from the most recent technologies in commercial garage doors. Also, these doors often have limited design options. With a modern garage door replacement, you can customize everything about your doors. From the structure to the color and texture of the panels, you can choose whatever suits your needs.

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