A wood composite garage door is among the best of the different garage doors you will find on the market. Why? This new alternative has a lot of benefits to offer for homeowners over traditional wood or steel doors. First, it has the strength of steel while maintaining the appearance of wood. It also requires less maintenance than traditional wood doors. Plus, with its extra-wide laminated support rails, this door has the most structurally solid support compared to any garage door. Read on to discover why you should consider getting a garage door made of composite wood for your humble abode.

But first, let us learn what this environmentally-friendly garage door choice is made up of.

What Materials Make up a Wood Composite Garage Door?

Wood composites are made by combining wood fibers and plastic. These wood fibers may come from any wood, including hardwoods, softwoods, and recycled wood products. Meanwhile, the plastic can be from any thermoplastic or thermoset resin. 

Stuffed inside the frames of a composite garage door is expanded polystyrene. This is to provide stability and maintain the R-value over time. This type of insulation is safe for the environment and free of CFCs. In addition, this door has refined cellulose fibers mixed with thermoset melamine resins on the exterior. Thus, making them almost impervious to wetness, cracking, rotting, freezing, desert heat, and UV light damage.



Why Choose a Wood Composite Garage Door for Your Home

It Is More Affordable

Wood composite is a popular material for many consumers due to its affordable price. A garage door built from wood composite materials, for example, is significantly less expensive than a solid wood door.

It Comes with Lower-Cost Garage Door Components

A wood composite garage door is made of lightweight materials, and having one can result in many benefits. For one, you will not need to invest in two torsion springs. Additionally, you can save money by rarely replacing garage door springs, cables, and tracks. The door’s light weight also means that nothing will easily wear out or break, including the garage door opener.

It Is a More Durable Alternative

Installing this kind of garage door is a great option regardless of the temperature from where you live. Its construction and design make it resistant to warping, expanding, cracking, and damage from UV radiation. Therefore, this garage door alternative is undoubtedly sturdy and will last for years.

It is Both Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Are you looking for an energy-efficient garage door? You will be pleased to know that this  garage door alternative can have polystyrene insulation. Thereby making it an already insulated garage door from the manufacturer. Of course, the R-Value of the insulation will vary depending on your needs and the local climate. 

On top of that, it is also stronger and provides better sound insulation than single-layer doors. Why? Because it is made of a double-layer panel filled with insulating material. As a result, it does operate silently. And because it is made of engineered materials, it is also good for the environment.

It Enhances Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Many people need more details to differentiate real wood from a high-quality wood composite garage door. It is because wood composite can very convincingly mimic the elegance of real wood. Thus, installing one adds value to your home and further increases its resale value.




A wood composite garage door offers many advantages to homeowners, including energy efficiency, smooth operation, and durability. Unlike metal garage doors, wood composite ones are impact-resistant and will not dent easily. Although not made of real wood, they can still be attractive and easy to clean. Use some water, detergent, and a soft cloth – no special cleaning products or treatments are needed. So you do not have to worry about wood composite doors splitting or staining. Modern technology makes this eco-friendly garage door a great choice for any homeowner. Ask the best garage door companies in your area for more information regarding this option.

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