Garage door keypads are one of the most popular ways to upgrade a garage door opener. These devices install directly onto both new and existing garage doors and allow users to manage their garage without worrying about losing a key, misplacing one, or leaving one at home. A garage door keypad is much like any other method of operating garage door openers. It entails pressing buttons to raise or lower the garage door. If you do not already have one, here are five reasons why you should consider installing a garage door keypad.

Eliminates the risk of lost keys and missing remotes

In a recent survey, more than a third of individuals (33%) said they could misplace their garage door remote if they did not keep it in the same place as their car keys and smartphone. Garage door keypads solve the problem of losing your keys or searching for a remote when you want to get into your garage. In addition, keypads are simple to operate–enter your keycode, and your garage door will open automatically.

Prevents users from being locked out of their house

If your garage is connected to your home, a garage door keypad ensures that you never lock yourself out. You will still be able to get in even if an electrical malfunction in your car may disable the automated garage door opener. Older children and teenagers who have a habit of misplacing house keys can get inside while you are away. If you utilize a garage door keypad, you will never have to worry about losing your remote control or dealing with a dead battery again.

Supports alarm and security systems integration

Some garage door keypads are compatible with security systems. There are smart garage door keypad models that have built-in security features that directly link to an alarm system to alert you of any intruders. Most modern keypad systems have security features that make hacking or hotwiring extremely hard. In addition, some models recognize fingerprints, so they remain secure on their own even if not connected to your alarm or security system.

Easily installs on older doors

Garage door keypads are simple to install: simply connect them to the wall, attach the receiver to your garage door opener, and that is it. They are wireless and do not require any wiring or drilling. The most challenging aspect of setting one up is deciding which wireless technology to utilize. Although most universal keypads work with all door openers, you will get the most out of this customization option if you choose one from the same company as your opener.

Allows access to the house without sharing keys

When you need to give relatives, friends, or servicemen one-time or daily access, your garage door can double as a front entrance. There is no need to give gardeners or pool cleaners keys to your property if you have a garage door keypad. You can program your garage door opener with a unique code, limit it to specific hours when they need access, and provide the code to those you trust to allow access for a single visit or even all day. 

Any property would benefit from having a garage door keypad as it provides households with security and convenience. Whether you need a new garage door keypad installed or a smart garage door keypad that you can manage from your smartphone, let us help. At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we provide a full range of garage door services to meet your needs, including garage door keypad installation. We are glad to provide free estimates so you can have an idea of how much our services will cost before committing. Contact us today at (402) 576-5771 to schedule a consultation!