When Do Your Garage Door Tracks Need Repair?

Your garage door tracks see a lot of wear and tear. Over time, they can become bent, damaged, or even broken. So if your garage door is making noise when opening or closing, or it is not functioning properly, it is likely because of an issue with the tracks. Not only does this affect the […]

How to Choose a Garage Door Repair Company in Lincoln, NE

Choosing a garage door repair company in Lincoln, NE, is an important decision, and it is not always an easy one. There are many providers to choose from in this city. Garage doors are extremely important in protecting your home, and you do not want to choose just any company to help you fix or […]

Guide to the Different Types of Garage Door Spring Wires

Do you know the importance of garage door spring wires, and how many types are there? Unfortunately, not many people are concerned about this aspect of their garage door, but it is crucial. This post will teach you more about them and how to choose the correct wire for your garage door spring. Guide to […]

Causes of Garage Door Keypad Issues and Their Solutions

Garage doors are an integral part of many homes. They provide safety and security for your family and your valuables. Unfortunately, many different things could go wrong with your garage door, including keypad issues. A garage door keypad is an integral part of garage doors, and not having keypad access can be a real inconvenience. […]

How to Secure Garage Doors Against Extreme Weather

During the coldest months of the year, winter storms and extreme weather can wreak havoc on your garage doors. Wind, rain, freezing temperatures, and snow can impact your garage door’s ability to function normally. Does this sound like a scary thought? It should not be. You can do several things yourself to help secure the […]

Most Common Garage Door Cable Problems

A garage door cable forms the backbone of your garage door system. These high-tensile cables ensure the door is balanced and properly lifted when opening or closing. Unfortunately, many homeowners experience problems with them at some point. If you own a garage door, it pays to learn more about this important component and its associated […]

The Risks of Replacing Garage Door Spring On Your Own

Replacing a garage door spring is a garage door repair that is not for novices. These springs are designed to last up to 10,000 cycles, which can be six to ten years, depending on how often you use the door. But eventually, they will wear out and require replacement. Unfortunately, many homeowners try to do […]

Can You Just Paint a Garage Door?

Your garage door is exposed to the elements all year, like the rest of your home’s exterior. Hence, a fresh coat of paint can increase your home’s curb appeal while extending its useful life. Your home’s exterior can look new at a relatively low cost and with very little work by simply painting your old […]

What to Do When Your Garage Door Remote is Not Working

A garage door remote is a handy tool that allows you to open and close your garage door with ease. Aren’t you thankful for not having to get up and do it manually every time? We know that garage doors are essential to keep your cars or other valuable things safe. However, when you try […]

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

Are you looking to replace your garage door or give it a fresh coat of paint? Choosing the perfect color for your garage door is a challenging process in both cases. First, you must consider your home’s theme and whether the color matches the exterior and other interior accents.  If you intend to paint it, […]