Do you have a garage door at home? Do you know what makes it safe to use? It might surprise you to find out that garage doors are one of the most dangerous entry points into your home. They can hurt anyone who gets in their way very badly. Sad to say, garage doors cause about 30,000 injuries each year. With this in mind, many choose to install garage door safety sensors. Do you know why garage door safety sensors are so important? Let us discuss it below. 

How Garage Door Safety Sensors Ensure Safety

Garage door safety sensors use infrared technology to detect any obstacle in the door’s path. When a garage door closes, safety sensors send out an invisible beam of light to detect any object or people in its path. When the light beam detects an obstruction, the sensor tells the garage door opener to stop or turn the door in reverse. That keeps the door from closing on the object.

A faulty garage door safety sensor

Most garage door sensors attach on each side of the door opening. One part puts out a light beam, and the other receives it. If something or someone blocks the light beam, the receiving part will notice and tell the garage door opener to stop or reverse. The law requires safety sensor installation in many states, and for good reason. It offers an added layer of protection for a homeowner like you and your family. In addition to preventing accidents, garage door sensors can also deter burglars. If a sensor detects movement in the garage door while closing, it will stop and alert the homeowner.

How to Maintain Your Safety Sensors on Garage Door

So how do you maintain your safety sensors on garage doors to ensure they function properly and keep you and your family safe? Here are some ways to keep your garage door sensors in good shape:

Keep the safety sensors clean. 

Dirt, dust, and other particles can build up on the sensors, affecting their work. Clean the sensors regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove dirt or dust.

Check the alignment. 

For the sensors to work right, they must be in the right place. Check the orientation by looking at the sensors to ensure they face each other, and nothing obstructs the light beam.

Inspect the sensors.

Check the sensors often to make sure they are working right. For example, put something in the way of the door, like a box or a piece of wood, and then close the door. The door should stop or reverse when the object comes between the door and the object.

Check the wires. 

Look at them to ensure they are not broken or twisted. If you see any harm, you should have an expert fix or replace the wiring.

A homeowner troubleshooting a garage door safety sensor

Keep the area around the sensors clear.

When you use the sensors, keep in mind that they need to be clean and clear of any obstructions. Ensure no boxes or tools near the sensors could get in the way of how well they work.

By keeping up with these maintenance tips, you can ensure that the safety sensors on your garage door are working properly and giving you the right amount of protection. If you are experiencing sensor issues, look closely. And if you notice anything unusual, it is best to call the experts to fix it right away.

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