Have you found yourself with a broken garage door cable? Sadly, for a homeowner, a broken garage door cable is an all too common problem that can be a real nuisance. However, if you have a snapped cable, do not fret—you have several options for replacement. Repairing or replacing cables does not have to be hard in the first place. The cable may come loose, partially damaged, or wear down over time, depending on how bad the break is. Understanding your cable type is important to fix this problem quickly and correctly. In this blog, we will break down all the types of cables you can buy, so read on and discover which option is right for you!

Types of Garage Door Cable

There are two main types of garage door cables:

Torsion Spring Cables

These work with torsion springs, and you can typically see them above the garage door opening. The cables attach to the bottom of the door and wind around a drum as the door opens or closes. Torsion spring cables are typically thicker and stronger than extension spring cables, as they must withstand the tension of the torsion spring.

Extension Spring Cables

These cables work with extension springs, typically above the horizontal tracks on either side of the door. The cables attach to the bottom of the door and run through pulleys at the top of the tracks. Extension spring cables are typically thinner than torsion spring cables, as they can withstand less tension.

An extension spring connected to a garage door cable

What Are Some Causes of a Broken Garage Door Cable

Several factors can contribute to a broken garage door cable. Here are the most common reasons:

Wear and Tear

Repeated use can wear and fray garage door cables. Thereby, it can cause the cables to weaken and eventually break.

Rust and Corrosion

Without proper maintenance can lead garage door cables to become rusty. Rust weakens the cables and can cause them to break. To avoid expensive repairs or replacements due to rust-related damage, take the time to inspect the cables regularly. Routine garage door maintenance can ensure they remain strong, making them less vulnerable to breakage. 

Improper Installation

Incorrect installation can subject garage door cables to excess tension or wear, which can cause them to break prematurely.

Age of the Cables 

Like all mechanical components, garage door cables have a finite lifespan. So they will naturally deteriorate and become more prone to breaking over time.

Incorrect Cable Size

Using the wrong cable size can cause it to break due to excess tension or insufficient strength.

Damage from Impacts

If something hits the garage door cable, such as a car or a tool, it can cause damage, weakening the cable and eventually leading to a break.

A broken garage door cable

Know Your Options for Replacing a Broken Garage Door Cable

There are a few options to consider when replacing a garage door cable. Here are some of the most common alternate replacement solutions:

Galvanized steel cable: Galvanized steel cables are the most popular garage door cable for most homes. They are tough, long-lasting, and will not rust or corrode.

Stainless steel cable: Stainless steel cables cost more than galvanized steel cables but are less likely to rust and corrode. They are a good choice for places with high humidity or salty air.

Coated cable: Most coated cables are galvanized steel wires covered with vinyl or other material to keep them from rusting or corroding. They are a good choice for places with a lot of humidity or exposure to the weather.

High-cycle cables: Garage doors for business or industrial settings use high-cycle cables. Most of the time, they use stronger materials and last longer than normal residential cables.

Things You Should Consider When Replacing a Broken Cable

When selecting a new garage door cable, consider the type of spring system, the garage door’s weight, and the usage level. Selecting a cable with a suitable length and diameter for your garage door system is also critical. If you need assistance determining which cable to use, speak with a professional garage door technician.

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