The garage serves more purposes than merely housing your automobile and belongings. For many, it is also an entryway into your home – which means that burglars can use it as one too. We can only imagine how much damage it can cause you and your property when they do. However, with the proper tips and safety practices, you can make your garage harder to break into and keep all your stuff safe. This featured blog will look at ways to stop garage door break-ins and keep your home safe.

Tips to Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

To help protect your home, here are some great tips for preventing garage door break-ins and ensuring your house is secure.

Install a strong garage door.

A sturdy garage door is one of the measures you can take to prevent home intrusions. Choose a material that is hard to break through, like steel or thick wood. Add metal bars or a mesh screen inside the door to strengthen its structure and make it harder to break through.

A sectional garage door made of steel. Strong materials help prevent garage door break-ins.

Opt for a secure garage door opener.

Many older garage door openers have set codes that are easy to break. Choose a newer model with changing code technology. Rolling code systems make a new code every time you use the remote. It makes it nearly impossible for criminals to decode and duplicate the signal.

Upgrade to a smart garage door opener to monitor activity.

A standard opener makes the garage door safer by locking it as it goes down. Yet, a motivated thief might still be able to break through the door or hack the code. With a smart opener, like the one from LiftMaster or Chamberlain, you can keep an eye on your garage door. Simply install a myQ app and instantly get a notification on your phone if someone uninvited tries to open it. That way, you can call the authorities right away.

Keep the garage door closed and locked.

Even when you are at home, make it a habit to close and lock your garage door. This simple step can make it much less likely that someone will break in when they have the chance. So before planning the weekend getaway, think of getting a reliable T-handle lock or any other garage door locks from a hardware store to keep the door locked.

Reinforce garage door windows and glass panels.

Windows and glass panels in your garage door can be easy for people to get in. You could reinforce them with a film that will not break or place security bars to keep burglars away. Frosted or tinted windows also add a layer of privacy, keeping prying eyes from seeing what valuable things are inside.

Add motion sensor lights.

Install motion sensor lights to light up the area around your garage. Thieves prefer to work in the shadows. So a well-lit place can keep them away.

Secure the emergency release on your garage door.

Keep this safety feature away from burglars. Lock the emergency release with a zip tie or a lock made for this purpose. These simple fixes will keep the door safe and ensure potential thieves can not get in.

Maintain good visibility at your garage door.

Trim any tall bushes that could block the view and could hide thieves. If your front yard is clean, you can see what is happening around you. Also, consider installing a security camera to monitor suspicious behavior.

Do not dislose your absence.

Out for a weekend holiday? Never let the world know when you are away. Do not post about it on social media. Instead, ask a close friend or relative about your trip and ask them to watch your house.

Implement Measures for Enhanced Garage Security

Act fast and get your garage door ready. You can make sure your things are safe and sound by following our experts’ helpful tips. A strong garage door keeps burglars away and gives you peace of mind. So, do not delay — act now to protect your home and possessions.

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