The Role of Garage Door Alignment in Home Safety and Security

Proper garage door alignment is key to home protection and accident prevention. If your door is not properly aligned, it could present a significant hazard to people inside the house. Proper alignment of your garage door is essential for home safety and security. That can help to prevent accidents, break-ins, and more. In this feature, […]

Signs Your Garage Door Needs New Weather Seal

Keep the elements out of your garage by investing in garage door weather seals. A garage door is important in keeping your home safe, secure, and comfortable. Without a weather seal, your garage can become susceptible to wind, dust, rain, and extreme temperatures. Seals on all four sides not only protect your garage from the […]

Different Types of Garage Door Weather Stripping

Garage door weather stripping is an excellent way to protect your garage from the weather and keep its contents safe all year. It provides a barrier against the elements, shielding your car and stuff from the wind, rain, and snow. Not to mention, it can also help to keep pests out of your garage.  Weatherstripping […]

A Guide to Using Garage Door Lubricants

Using the right garage door lubricants is important to keep your door functioning properly. Your garage door should be lubricated at least once a year to avoid noise or sluggish movement. By taking a few minutes to lubricate your garage door, you can extend its lifespan and keep it running smoothly.  However, with many available […]

Can You Just Paint a Garage Door?

Your garage door is exposed to the elements all year, like the rest of your home’s exterior. Hence, a fresh coat of paint can increase your home’s curb appeal while extending its useful life. Your home’s exterior can look new at a relatively low cost and with very little work by simply painting your old […]

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

Are you looking to replace your garage door or give it a fresh coat of paint? Choosing the perfect color for your garage door is a challenging process in both cases. First, you must consider your home’s theme and whether the color matches the exterior and other interior accents.  If you intend to paint it, […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Commercial garage door maintenance is important for your business. Keeping up with garage door maintenance can seem daunting, but Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE is here to help. This blog post will give you a comprehensive guide to maintaining your commercial garage doors. We will cover everything from preventative maintenance tips to what to do […]

Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Parts

Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Parts

Most people need to know more about garage door parts, which is crucial to use properly. Garage doors typically open and close three to five times daily, 300+ days per year. With an average cycle of 10,000, they ought to last six to ten years. Fully functional garage doors seem to be the simplest thing. […]

Why You Should Never Ignore a Faulty Garage Door Opener

The typical overhead garage door weighs between 130 and 400 pounds. Much of the door’s safety features are governed by one crucial component—the garage door opener. All residential garage openers in the US must have safety features that prevent the door from crashing and injuring someone. If federal organizations recognize the importance of a fully […]

Garage Door Tune-Up: A Step-By-Step Guide

The average garage doors open and close over a thousand times per year. Like any complex machinery, your garage door needs routine maintenance to keep it running like new. Thus, regular maintenance will inform you of any overlooked issues requiring care. Fortunately, easy garage door tune-up requires no particular expertise and takes no more than 30 minutes […]