Imagine you are in a hurry to work in the morning. You hear a scary snapping sound as you press the button to open your garage door. When all of a sudden, your trusty garage door stops working, leaving you stuck inside. Feeling like this happened to you? You are not the only one. A common question that people who have experienced this problem ask themselves is: “What causes the garage door cables to come off the drum?”

To stop this annoying problem from happening again, the first thing that needs to be done is to figure out why it continues. This blog will explain why garage door cables come off the drum. Discover the most common causes, and learn tips for running your door smoothly.

Understanding the Garage Door System

The garage door system is a group of mechanical parts that work together to open and close the garage door. The system has many parts, but the garage door cables and drums are two of the most important.

Garage Door Cables

Your garage door system can not work without these steel cables. They connect to the bottom of the door and go through the hinges. Along with the garage door rollers, they move the door up and down.

Garage Door Drum

The garage door drum is a round part that sits on top of the vertical garage track on each side of the door. Garage door cables wind around the drum once you open or close the door, creating the stress that makes the machine work smoothly.

A garage door cable drum

Safe operation of the garage door depends on cables and drums that work properly. They make opening and closing the garage door smooth and easy. It ensures the garage door works quickly and quietly. They are also very important for keeping the door’s weight even.

What Causes Garage Door Cables to Come Off?

One problem that many homeowners have is garage door cables that come off the drum. Not only is it unsafe, but it also makes it hard to open and close the garage door properly. Here are some of the factors that can cause your garage door cables to come off the drum:

Wear and Tear

Normal wear and tear is one of the main reasons garage door cables come loose. These cables hold the door up. And because of constant use and exposure to the weather, these cables can wear out. If the cables get frayed or weak, they are more likely to come off the drum, which can be dangerous.

Incorrect Cable Tension

Proper cable tension is crucial for your garage door to work without a hitch. The cables could come off the drum if the tension is too tight or loose. In some cases, incorrect cable tension can cause problems, like the door moving unevenly or putting too much stress on the opening.

Damaged or Misaligned Drum

The garage door cable drum is an important part that helps the cables wind and unwind when the door opens and closes. The cables can get off track if the drum gets broken or out of place.

Garage door cables coming off the drum

Debris and Obstructions

In the tracks or around the drum, debris like leaves, dirt, or small items can build up and stop the cables from working smoothly. It might cause the cable to come loose.

Poor Installation

Incorrect or poor installation can cause these cables to come off the drum. If that happens, the cables might not handle the stress and movement the door needs.

Overhead Door Opener Problems

There is a chance that the garage door cables will come off the drum if your garage door opener is broken or not installed correctly.

Preventing Issues With Your Garage Door Cables

Avoiding problems with garage door cables needs regular care and maintenance. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Regular Inspection: Regularly check your garage door cable for damage, fraying, or signs of wear. Examine the cables and drum for rust or corrosion.
  2. Professional Maintenance: Make an appointment with a licensed garage door expert for regular maintenance to ensure all parts are in good shape.
  3. Lubrication: To keep the garage door cables and drum from wearing out, ensure they are well-lubricated.
  4. Clear Garage Door Tracks: Keep the tracks clear of any dirt or other things that could get in the way of the cables moving smoothly.
  5. Proper Installation: With proper installation, you ensure the door’s smooth operation. Check if the cables are in the right tension and align with the drum.
  6. Replace Worn Parts: If you see any damage or signs of wear, you should quickly repair the drum or cables.
  7. Balancing the Door: As part of regular garage door maintenance, always check the door’s balance to avoid cable problems and ensure it works smoothly.

When Should You Hire a Garage Door Professional?

When your garage door cable comes loose from the drum, it is best to get help from a professional. There are several good reasons to hire a professional garage door technician. First, garage doors are heavy and under a lot of stress, which makes any DIY project dangerous. Garage door professionals have the skills, knowledge, and special tools to complete the complicated repair process with care and accuracy.

In addition, a garage door pro can find and fix the problems that may have caused the cable to come off the drum. Hire experts to prevent similar problems and protect your garage door warranty. It will save you time and trouble and give you peace of mind that the fix will be there in no time. In the end, getting professional services will make your garage door safer and more reliable.

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