Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of howling winds and pounding rain. Storms in Lincoln can be fierce, and your home’s first line of defense—your garage door—might be at risk. Hence, protecting your garage door from severe weather is crucial, and that is where storm braces come in. These reinforcements can be a game-changer, giving you peace of mind during stormy weather.

However, are these braces the best option for reinforcing your garage door? In this blog, we will explore what they are, their benefits, and how they compare to other reinforcement methods. Keep reading to find out how you can better safeguard your garage and your home from the next big storm.

What Are Storm Braces?

Garage door braces are brackets added to the back panel of the garage door, either vertically or horizontally. They give extra support to the entire garage door, spreading out the force during strong winds or impacts. You can install them when needed, like right before a storm. Then, you can remove them afterward, making them a flexible and temporary solution. Think of them as a shield for your garage door, keeping it safe and secure.

Types of Garage Door Storm Braces

They come in different styles and materials to suit various needs. Some common types include:

  1. Steel Braces: These types offer the highest level of strength and durability. Steel braces can handle the toughest storms and provide long-lasting protection.
  2. Aluminum Braces: Lighter than steel, aluminum braces still offer solid protection. They resist rust and are easier to handle.
  3. Cross Braces: These braces form an X shape across your garage door. This design distributes the force of high winds more evenly, reducing the risk of damage.

Benefits of Installing Garage Hurricane Brace

Here are some benefits that make storm braces an excellent choice for homeowners in and around Lincoln, NE:

Enhanced Protection

First, storm braces give your garage door extra strength. They help your door stand up to high winds and flying debris. In a storm, this added strength can prevent serious damage to your garage and home as well. Imagine an extreme storm hitting Lincoln. While other garage doors suffer damage, yours stands strong.

Garage door braces made of steel laid on a table
Ease of Installation

Did you know that installing reinforcement struts is quite easy? In fact, many homeowners who are into DIY can do it with basic tools and complete garage door bracing kits. These kits have everything you need to keep your garage door secured. Still, it is best to hire a garage door professional for a quick and easy installation.

Longevity and Durability

Once installed, these garage door hurricane braces require minimal upkeep yet offer long-term durability. You would not have to worry about replacing them often, which is one less thing to think about when getting ready for a storm.


When you compare storm braces to other reinforcement methods, you may find that they are quite cost-effective. In fact, installing them costs less than replacing your entire garage door with an impact-resistant one. Thus, storm braces are a smart investment that can save you from costly and untimely repairs in the future.

Comparing Storm Braces to Other Reinforcement Methods

When protecting your garage door, you have a few options. Let us compare garage door braces to other common approaches to help you make the best choice.

Garage Door Reinforcement Struts

Reinforcement struts are metal bars that you attach to the inside of your garage door for continuous support. They help your garage door withstand daily use and high winds. However, installing garage door reinforcement struts can be more complicated than storm braces. You might need professional help, which can increase costs.

Impact-Resistant Garage Doors

Another option is installing impact-resistant garage doors. The structure of these garage doors makes them strong enough to handle external forces, like flying debris during a storm. While highly effective, they can be expensive to purchase and install. They also require replacing your entire garage door. If you want to reinforce your current garage door without a full replacement, storm braces are a more affordable and practical solution.

Hurricane-Proof Panels and Shutters

Meanwhile, hurricane panels and shutters are another option for protecting your garage door. You can have them installed temporarily when a typhoon is approaching. While they offer great protection, they also require storage space when not in use. Installing and removing them can be labor intensive, making them less convenient compared to storm braces. Plus, there is always the risk of not having enough time to set them up before a sudden tornado hits.

A home with a hurricane-proof garage doors

Retrofitting Your Residential Garage Doors

If you have an older garage door, you might wonder if you can retrofit it with reinforcements. The good news is that you can! Retrofitting involves adding additional support to your existing door to strengthen it. Storm braces are an excellent option for retrofitting because they fit most garage doors, old or new. They provide a straightforward, effective way to upgrade your door’s protection without replacing it entirely.

Weighing the Cons: Potential Drawbacks for Your Garage Door

While these reinforcements offer excellent protection for your garage door, they do come with a few potential drawbacks. Here are some factors to consider before deciding if storm braces are right for your home:

Aesthetic Concerns

Remember, storm braces are specifically designed for function, not fashion. They can make your garage door look more industrial or bulky. If you take pride in the appearance of your home, you might find the look of these braces unappealing. However, it is a trade-off between aesthetics and the safety of your home during a storm.

Initial Investment

Like any other upgrade in your home, installing storm braces requires an upfront investment. The cost can vary depending on the type and material of the braces. However, think of it as an investment in your home’s safety and your peace of mind. In the long run, the cost of repairing storm damage could be more expensive.

Compatibility Issues

Note that not all garage doors are suitable for storm braces. Older doors or custom designs might not work well with these reinforcements. Before purchasing, check if your garage door can accommodate them. To help you avoid compatibility issues and find the best solution for your garage door, consult a professional.

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