Homeowners understand the value of having a garage. Even if you do not have a car, there is no better place to store belongings and tools than this safe, out-of-sight spot. The garage is an additional space with lots of potential, but its door is prone to wear and tear. So, you must keep up with repairs to ensure it is always safe and looking good. So, how do you spot garage door issues before they become a serious nuisance? Let us talk about the most common garage door problems and the warning signs that you need a garage door repair.

Broken springs

Springs are an integral part of a garage door system because they help the door open and close properly. Although they can last up to 14 years after they were first installed, they are usually the first component of the door to show signs of wear and tear. If your garage door refuses to stay open or will not close at all, a garage door spring replacement may be in order.

Broken cables

Another crucial component of a garage door system, the cable uses the tension created by the springs to support the whole weight of the garage door when it is in operation. Garage door cables will last years without problems. However, these heavy-duty cables will wear, rust, or fray and eventually snap. If your garage door gets stuck halfway open or does not hang straight on the tracks, call a residential garage door repair professional as your cable may be about to break or has already snapped.

Malfunctioning opener

There are quite a few problems associated with a malfunctioning garage door opener. From remote issues and signal interference to safety eyes and gear and sprocket problems, your garage door opener is bound to run into some issues. If your garage door behaves erratically for reasons you cannot figure out, you may need to contact a garage door opener repair expert.

Damaged or bent tracks

A garage door track may misalign, dent, or break over time. This can make operating your garage door more difficult, if not impossible. If the issue is just minor, it may be quickly resolved with a few tweaks. However, if the damage is too extensive to be repaired, you will have no other option but to replace your garage door track with a new one. 

Dented panel

Although garage door panels are incredibly sturdy and composed of high-quality steel, tiny dents might cause them to fail. A bent garage door panel may get the door stuck as it opens or closes. A minor dent on the panel may not impact the door’s functionality, but severe dents are different and can cause serious problems down the road. Therefore, experts recommend that it is best to fix a bent garage door panel immediately.

Electrical problems

Like all electrical devices, automated garage doors have components that operate on electricity, and any electrical disruption will jam them up. If you believe you have a problem with the wire harness, transformer, power supply, circuit board, or other electrical components, have them checked and repaired only by a professional.

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