Garage door weather stripping is an excellent way to protect your garage from the weather and keep its contents safe all year. It provides a barrier against the elements, shielding your car and stuff from the wind, rain, and snow. Not to mention, it can also help to keep pests out of your garage. 

Weatherstripping your garage door can also significantly impact your utility costs. Keeping drafts out can help keep your home more energy-efficient, particularly during winter and summer.

What Is Weather Stripping for Garage Doors?

Weather stripping is usually made from rubber or vinyl and can be found lining the door’s top, bottom, side edges, or frame. They attach to the door by sliding into a retainer. Retainers can be made from steel, aluminum, or PVC and fastened to either the bottom or side of the door.

A door showing the bottom seal garage door weather stripping

Different Types of Garage Door Weather Stripping

Bottom Seals for Garage Doors (Door Sweeps)

The garage door bottom seal is important to keep your garage clean and dry. These seals also help to keep pests, dirt, and hot or cold air out of the garage. Bottom seals attach to the bottom edge of your garage door with a steel, PVC, or aluminum retainer. When the door is closed, the seal compresses against the floor creates a tight seal.

You can find different types of bottom seals in the market. The type you need will depend on the channel the seal will slide into. Here are the most common types:

J-type Seal

J-type bottom seals get their name from the shape they form when installed on a retainer. When closed, they form a ‘J’ on either side of a door threshold. J-type is the most commonly used with single-channel retainers. Rubber and vinyl are common materials for these bottom seals as they compress to close gaps between the door and the floor. You can also use them to cover door sides, which increases weatherproofing.

T-type Seal

The T-type seal is probably the most common among the many types of bottom seals. This seal is very simple to install and is usually used with single-channel retainers. However, it is very important to measure the garage door seals to ensure they have the correct size for the retainer. 

Bulb Seal

Bulb seals, also known as tube seals, are designed to fill the space between the floor and the bottom of a garage door. They are effective at covering gaps and uneven surfaces but are not recommended for commercial doors.

Beaded Seal

Beaded seals are a specific type of bottom seal that is designed for use with double-channel retainers. These seals have grooves along the surface that help to prevent water ingress. When you see the light coming in from the bottom of the door, it is time to replace the seal.

Garage Door Weather Stripping Threshold Seals

A threshold seal helps to protect your garage from drafts and pests. Sealing the gap between the bottom of your door and the floor creates a barrier that keeps out pests and the elements. Threshold seals are made from rubber, vinyl, or aluminum and can be installed with an adhesive or screws.

Door Stop Garage Door Weather Stripping

One way to help keep your garage door more energy efficient is installing door stop molding around the perimeter. It will create a tight seal and prevent drafts from coming in.

A door with bottom seal garage door weather stripping

Weatherstripping for Garage Door Panels

The purpose of these products is to seal the gaps between individual panels of your garage door when it is closed. They are made from flexible rubber and are V-shaped to create a tight, even seal. Panel weather stripping can be very beneficial for older wooden doors with flat-edged panels, as it prevents air loss.

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