Common types of DIY garage door repairs

So you have a broken garage door. Garage doors are built to last a very long time. However, these doors will still require repairs from time to time. Many homeowners elect to take care of minor concerns on their own. While DIY garage door repair is a terrific way to save money, it can also worsen the situation. That is especially true when it comes to fixing your garage door.

Garage door mechanisms are complicated to work with. And if you do not know what you are doing, you will eventually regret taking this DIY garage door repair project. Hence, our door experts from Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE have compiled why bringing your toolbox to this job is not the best idea.

Why You Should Never Attempt a DIY Garage Door Repair

It is dangerous for non-professionals

A garage door is a dangerous and unforgiving piece of equipment; not everyone can repair it. The torsion springs, in particular, are nothing to fool with. The high tension can send the mechanism spring flying at you if not handled properly and cause injury. If you are unskilled or have no previous experience fixing garage doors, you expose yourself or a household member to the risks associated with motorized devices. These include injuries such as pinched fingers, lacerations, or a possible concussion if the door crashes on you. 

A DIY garage door repair, such as a torsion spring replacement, is dangerous for non-professionals.

You can misdiagnose the problem when troubleshooting

Garage doors are highly sophisticated equipment with numerous moving and mechanical components. These components come together to form the structure. Repairing them takes extreme precision and a thorough grasp of the system. For instance, you may think you need to replace one part when you need to replace a completely different piece. Trying to fix the faulty component because you do not fully grasp what each part does will result in more problems. In some situations, replacing the wrong part can damage your garage door and cause untimely costly repairs.

It can compromise the quality and performance of your garage door 

Even experts in garage door repair service caution during the process because some garage door components are delicate and easily broken. The reason why? Most components are under much tension and require proper installation and regular upkeep. Of course, you want to repair your garage door according to safety standards to maintain its longevity. Hence, Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE technicians do not recommend DIY garage door repair solutions that need trial and error.

You may not have the proper tools to DIY garage door repair

If you do not have the right equipment, your DIY repair project will fail. Garage doors are enormous, heavy, and difficult to handle. In addition, they demand a lot of power, making them challenging and dangerous to repair for someone without the proper tools and equipment. And tools alone are not enough to make a good repair. To achieve the most satisfactory results, you must also be thoroughly knowledgeable in using them.

DIY garage door repair requires proper tools and knowledge.

DIY garage door repair is time-consuming

Although DIY garage door repair appears straightforward, it is time-consuming and dangerous. It requires extensive research into the specific issue at hand. It would help if you familiarize yourself with the exact parts you will be dealing with to avoid unneeded future work and pricey repairs. So when it comes to this physically demanding task, it is always best to leave it to the professionals.

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