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A local from Fort Calhoun, NE, needing a garage door opener repair called Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE. They said that one of their three wall control panels was not working, neither opening or closing its garage door. We dispatched our service technician to address their concerns immediately. We carefully tested the wall control panel and the connection wirings as a standard procedure. Unfortunately, we found some of the wirings were loose and tripped. We replaced them using the same low voltage wires, and the wall opener switch began to work after. The homeowner was grateful that we completed the garage door repair in no time. 

Homeowners benefit from the ease and security that garage door openers provide. But like any other mechanical device, problems can arise with these devices over time, and wear and tear can damage them. A frustrating way to begin or end your daily routine is when your garage door is inconsistently working or not responding at all. Here are a few familiar garage door problems and the most simple fixes you can do before you call Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE for help.

Common Garage Door Opener Issues and How to Fix Them

When the Wall Switch Is Not Responding

Even though a dead wall control panel would seem to spell the end for your garage door opener, it is probably just a power problem. There would not be a need to reset or solve signal issues because the wall control panel is connected directly to the opener. Therefore, the wiring or the wall control panel is most likely to blame for the malfunction.

A switch typically has two wires. Remove both wires from the panel and carefully touch them together to test the connections. If the opener works, the wall control panel could be causing the problem. If nothing happens, you should order new cables made of 18- to 22-gauge wire.

When Remote Control Is Not Working

First, check the batteries if your garage door remote control button does not operate. The simple fact is that the remote transmitter needs the power to communicate with your opener. Make sure you are hitting the button within range of the opener if the problem is not with the batteries. Before hitting the button, try turning into your driveway. If new batteries or a closer range do not fix the problem, consider reprogramming the remote by following the opener’s handbook guidelines.

Garage Door Does Not Shut All the Way

You might need to adjust the limit switch if your garage door does not reverse or close. An adjustable switch with garage door openers specifies how far the door must fall to close completely. The door might not completely close if the switch is too high for your opening. In addition, a screw that you may twist on the motor unit to alter the switch will often change how far the door drops when shutting. 

Garage Door Reverses before Closing

You might need to adjust the limit switch if your garage door does not reverse or close entirely. An adjustable switch is included with garage door openers that specify how far the door must fall to close completely. For example, the door might not fully close if the switch is too high for your opening. On the motor unit, there is a screw that you may adjust to change the switch, controlling how far the door descends when closing.

When to Ask For Garage Door Experts’ Help

With a little DIY, you can fix these typical and minor garage door issues and keep your garage door opener in operating order for many years. Nevertheless, nothing endures forever. Depending on the opener’s age, you may encounter the need for constant repairs, and a few indicators indicate a much more severe problem. If the problem persists, now is typically a good time to upgrade that unit. So, if you are planning to buy a new one, give the smart garage door opener some thought to make getting home even easier. Do your research, or ask your garage door service provider to determine the best door opener for you.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE is a garage door company that provides high-quality workmanship and prompt service. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, which is why we strive to provide the best possible service. With our experienced technicians, you can be sure that your garage door opener will be in good hands.

Here at Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we offer garage door repair and other garage door services for the top-quality garage doors on the market! We provide services to homes and businesses in Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas, including Beatrice and Papillion. So call us today if your garage door opener is broken, and we will fix it for you!

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